It’s sooo confusing.

i had no choice in who my mother and father were.

i had no choice in being an only child.

i had no choice in growing up without grandparents…and only a few aunts and uncles and cousins that i seldom, if ever, saw.

i simply had no choice in who my family was.  i was given my family and i had to make the best of it (which i did).  family is a whole lot like playing the hand your dealt.  you don’t get to hand in your “bad” cards for three new ones.

church, on the other hand, is completely different.  at least the church you call your family.

(i’m not talking about the universal church…the church made up of all followers of christ, everywhere…including the ones of different color and different theology and different personality.   i have a feeling there might be a whole lot of people going,  “…ewww.  they’re here?”, when the final act is played out.)

here in the now,  people get to choose their church family.  they choose to come.  they choose to stay.  they choose to leave.  i have no problem with that.  i’m glad god gives us that freedom to pick and choose and find who we want to live our lives with and where we best fit in…to worship and serve and grow and give.

we have the right and responsibility to evaluate and be critical of what we see in a church family.  we have to scrape below the surface to see what makes a church family tick and see if there can be a healthy connection.

but i’ve been thinking about this from a different angle, as i prepare for week #2 of our sermon series on “the church”.

what if the church family we want, is not really the church family we need?

what if the things we are drawn to in the life of a church,  are the exact opposite of what we need to grow?  what if the things that bring the greatest joy and good feelings,  are the very things that are hindering a deeper discipleship?  what if, instead of providing us happiness and contentment,  god is really looking to stretch us and mold us into something he can really use for noble purposes?

i’ll say it again.  what if the church family you want,  is not the church family you need?

2 thoughts on “It’s sooo confusing.

  1. Thanks for the post. I just NOW, after 41 years, left FCCHB for a Calvary church nearby that is much more Bible based and the services are less “produced.” I’m growing again for the first time in a long while and looking for a place to serve. Thanks for making me feel better about the decision.

  2. On a metaphysical level I suppose only God knows what kind of church we really need, and we must have faith in Him to provide that. I guess at this level we will really never know if we are at the “right” church or if there is even such a thing.

    On a practical level I think this is a maturity question. Have I brought my wants into line with God’s wants? Am I concerned about the things that concern God, or am I just looking for what is comfortable? Am I going to be served, or to serve? Am I going to be entertained or worship?

    Your question also makes me wonder how long do you stay at a church that isn’t “right”? Could it be that God will use you to help that church? How long do you stay and “help”, and when do you cut your losses and find a healthier place?

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