A Post-Sunday thought…

definitely a good labor day sunday for the home team.

lots of people were gone…traveling, camping, visiting family.  i know there are churches where, if you miss, nobody really notices.  not here.  i notice.  lots of people notice.  and that’s a pretty cool thing.  everybody needs to be more than a face in the crowd.

yesterday, we had three brand new families join with us.  we also had three more new families come back and join with us again.  how cool is that?  on a holiday weekend.   we even got to have lunch with jesus and kate and their little boy, brandon.  i can’t wait for you to meet them.

apparently, the highlight of the day for many people was my decision  not to wear my regular dress tennis shoes.   i don’t know what got into me, but i decided to wear a pair of dress shoes.  i didn’t know it was going to be such a life changer for so many people.

maybe i should start changing up my wardrobe up every now and then on purpose.  i’ve got a lot of different kinds of hats.  shorts would be a nice change up.   i really do have a marrying and burying suit.   and three or four ties.  i’m not sure if they’re skinny or wide, though.

i’ve even got a robe.  not a bath robe, but a real academic, commencement kind of robe (complete with my master’s hoodie).  mmm.  maybe.

i’ve actually had people point out that i don’t really “sound” and act much like a preacher.  i don’t yell.  i don’t move around very much.  they ask, “what’s up with keeping my hands in my pockets?”   so i’m not much of a hand waver.

well, in my reading this morning, i’ve got to admit i got inspired.  maybe you guys need more animation.  maybe you need to see me get more excited.  maybe i’m just a guy who’s really a spiritual introvert…looking for permission to let his inner television evangelist out.

i’m passing on what i saw this morning.  hope it makes your day as much as it has made mine.

i bet you can’t wait for next sunday, huh?


7 thoughts on “A Post-Sunday thought…

  1. It’s said that Jonathan Edwards, considered by some to be America’s pre-eminent theologian, and one who was on the scene during the “great awakening” of the 18th century, read his sermons aloud from the pulpit with very little motion or emotion. And yet people were moved to believe the gospel, to repent of sins, and to love Jesus. The Holy Spirit can use the preparation, study and prayer you put into the message BEFORE you get up on the platform, or whatever you have, regardless of your sartorial choices. Enjoying your blog.

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