Fantasy 2012

just completed the draft.  this is the first year of fantasy football where i actually like my team.  a real quarterback that puts up major points.  a top-five running back.  a top-2 tight end (maybe the best).  and i controlled my inner homer and chose no chargers.

this is a first.

yeah…i’m feeling pretty good tonight.

  • QB – Tom Brady
  • QB – Robert Griffin III
  • WR – Julio Jones
  • WR – Percy Harvin
  • WR – Eric Decker
  • WR – Titus Young
  • WR – Reggie Wayne
  • RB – Maurice Jones-Drew
  • RB – Trent Richardson
  • RB – Michael Turner
  • RB – CJ Spiller
  • TE – Jimmy Graham
  • TE – Jermaine Gresham
  • K – Stephan Gostkowski

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