It’s hard to be humble

for years, i have proudly displayed my last place bowling trophy on my jeep dashboard.

its a little baby crawling.  a cute little slap in the face reminder of how much room for improvement there is in my life as a pro-bowler wannabe.

but its turned into something so much more.  i carry it there to remind myself to be humble.

and to remember my other heart demons as well:

…to not think too highly of myself.

…to carry myself with dignity.

…to remember the poor and less fortunate.

…to call myself to a life where pride is not allowed.

…to cast off any air of smugness.

…to keep my ego in check.

…to remove all attitudes of superiority and self-importance.

…and to bring to mind, daily, that there is to be no room for conceit, self-adulation, snobbery, vanity, or even a hint of phariseeism in my heart.

me and my teammates (wanda and chad and kim fisher) took the first place trophy in this year’s north point summer bowling league.

i’m starting to think i haven’t learned my lessons well enough.  oh well.


3 thoughts on “It’s hard to be humble

  1. I love this! Is it my imagination, or do most Christians struggle with those VERY SAME issues?? Have you read John Dixon’s Humilitas? Cheap on Kindle. Great treatment of how – in history – humility went from being a shameful thing to being a virtue.

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