It’s not about…Sundays.

i walked a fine line today.

it’s tough to look people in the eye…a sunday morning church crowd, no less…and tell them that we are in danger of getting it all wrong.  but it has to be said.  it’s not about sundays.

we’ve taken something that god set aside as special and made the day into something it was never designed to be.

look, there’s nothing wrong or sinful about meeting together…in fact, in can even be helpful.  gathering together to give collective praise to god is commanded…and it was the “norm” of the early church, along with prayer and study and eating and communion and passing the basket.

but reducing it to the weekly “big show” was not the plan from the beginning.  church is not an event…a program…a performance…a spectator sport.

church is us.

i think i get it.  in church leadership circles, we were taught to put the majority of our resources to what happens on sundays…the sermon…the band…the programs…the building…the budget…the staff.  if you have a great sunday morning, people will come.

but when we make the sunday “event” overblown in our life as a church family:

  • it says this day and these events are more holy, more important, more worthy of our time than the everyday practice of our life as followers…
  • it says that certain people are more important…there are those who “do” ministry and those who get to “watch”…
  • it creates a “come and get it” mentality…instead of a “go and give it” heart…

i can’t speak for other churches families, but at north point, it’s not about sundays…it’s about what happens the other six days.

and i wouldn’t want it any other way.

here’s the video we showed this morning.  i love being able to laugh at ourselves.


2 thoughts on “It’s not about…Sundays.

  1. I cringed at the “This is the title track” which included. “Question here” and “Another question”. We had a title track towards the end at Northshore and we did indeed have two “challenging” questions before the sermon. Ouch.

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