I bet you didn’t spend your evening the way I spent mine…

wanda and i just spent a sobering evening discussing our own morbidity.

to the young and those living in some state of denial,  morbidity is a diseased condition…or the state of being diseased.  in other words,  it’s the condition we all find ourselves in as we grow older.

so we invited our friendly AARP rep (that’s the american association of retired persons…this new club wanda and i joined in the past few years)  over to the farracrib to talk to us about long-term health care insurance.  we tried to get him to stay for some late-night bingo and an ex-lax nightcap,  but he needed to get back to the retirement home before curfew.

look,  it’s not a particularly fun topic of conversation…thinking about what to do if either one of us gets to the point of being unable to take care of ourselves.   in-home care,  adult day care, assisted living, full-blown nursing home.  mmmm boy.

i’ve spent hours and hours of my life helping others navigate through the difficult days of making decisions about their loved ones as they grow old.   it’s seldom easy.   often,  it’s the most painful time in the life of a family.  and that’s even for families with financial provisions.

…you can’t imagine the stress placed on families that have made no provision.   or maybe you can.   my heart aches for so many families who barely have the money to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table…and can only dream of long-term care insurance.   so difficult.

honestly, we’re about ten years late in the ballgame.  these are things we should have handled years ago.  but life happens.  things come up.  there are just so many more important things to spend our money on than insurance.   or are there?

we’re going to take a few days and see if this is something we should do.   meh.

i get so tired of everything coming down to money.

so what did i do to wrap up this wonderful evening?   i ate a big bowl of captain crunch’s cinnamon roll crunch cereal.  yeah,  i did.

and you should, too.   it’s the best new cereal money can buy.   at less than $3 a box at the ghetto wal-mart,  its way cheaper than long-term health care insurance.   and it’s a whole lot easier to swallow.

you should go get yourself some.

right now.

best $3 you’ll spend this week.

an instant “feel good”.

as a matter of fact,  my smile looks just like the captain’s.

and yours will too.

trust me.

i’m an old guy with lots of wisdom.

and no long-term health care insurance.

but i have happy taste buds.

2 thoughts on “I bet you didn’t spend your evening the way I spent mine…

  1. Not only do I not have long term health insurance plans I have very little retirement plans. To top that off I have 3 gigantic boys that will eat like a small village between now and 6 years from now when they start going to college for which I have no money saved. Yeah I feel your pain. I think I need to drown my pain in BBQ sauce.

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