Marriage Tuesday

one of the things i really hate admitting about myself is that, when i was a youngster, i was kind of a quitter.

i often steered clear of things that were difficult.  i was not much of a risk taker.  my dad wasn’t totally engaged in my life, so it was pretty easy to con my mom into letting me take the easy way out.

there were a lot of things that i started, only to quit somewhere down the line.  everybody starts things.  but not everybody finishes.

we start books…but don’t finish them.

we start diets…but don’t finish them.

we start work projects around the house…but don’t finish them.

we start new workout programs…but don’t finish them.

we start college…but don’t finish it.

and many, many start marriages…but don’t finish.

it’s easy to start a marriage.  you don’t have to have a plan.  you just have to have a marriage license and somebody who will sign it.  that’s it.  “hey!  let’s get married.”  okie dokie.

it’s amazing to me the amount of hoopla that goes into the start of marriages.  fancy dresses and big cakes and money out the nose.  we remember the start of marriages with showers and presents and slick video productions and a lot of happy tears.

but it all means nothing , if you don’t finish.  so here are a few things to remember:

your reasons for getting married are seldom enough to keep you married.  it’s great to start off with a bang,  but you better get deeper and more profound reasons for staying together as the years go by,  or you are doing nothing but rolling the dice.

marriage is like anything else that’s really important.  if it’s worth doing,  there are going to be times that are really, really difficult.  most things of value are.  and it’s in those times that your resolve not to be a quitter will have to kick in.

i don’t mean to be calloused,  but i sure wish there were more couples who included “i will not quit” in their marriage vows.

it’s never too late to make that promise.


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