A Facebook thought…

i spent some time on facebook this afternoon.

i never write on my wall…and seldom on anybody else’s.   my twitter , instagram,  and blog are all linked to FB and just show up there automatically when i post something on those other accounts.

most of the time,  whenever i go to FB, i am usually just checking group pages that i am connected to.

if you’re a facebooker,  you know i don’t comment very much,  either…and that’s because i don’t read my news feed very often,  at all.   sorry.   but i did today.   and here are a few things i’m thinking…

my FB friends span 47 years.  

i have a lot of really funny friends.   i mean a bunch of ROTFLOL kinds of friends.

there’s a reason why i choose twitter and blogging over facebook as my social medias of choice.   i tweet because i can only use 140 characters and it keeps me from saying too much.   i blog because i can take the time to explain myself,  when necessary.

suspect i have a number of FB friends who are not particularly interested in what i think…about anything.   i’m cool with that.  wanda’s always interested.

on the other hand, people who read my blog are,  more than likely,  interested in my take on things.  i hope.  that’s why i work really hard to say something worth reading.   the way i look at it,  people really need to be educated on the greatness of the padres and the chargers.

finally,  i’m pretty overwhelmed by the friends i see represented on facebook.

so many people who have helped shape me and mold me.   people who challenge my thinking and force me out of my comfort zones.   people who represent the very best of who god has brought into my life.

when i scroll down through my friends,  i see unbelievable diversity…theological…geographical…political…and cultural.   i have friends of radically different socio-economic status…education…life experience.   i have friends who will probably never see eye-to-eye on really important issues.

but they are all my friends.  and today,  i am really grateful for all of them (you).

i love having a huge table of fellowship.   it’s not always easy.   but i am better for it.   i am deeper,  wiser,  more compassionate,  more understanding,  more patient…and significantly better equipped to live in a world of immense diversity…because all of my friends are not like me.   and i am not totally like them,  either.

the apostle paul would have never commanded us “…to live at peace with everybody, as far as it depends on us…”,  if it was something that we would naturally be inclined to do (romans 12:14-21).

hey.  if it was easy,  we wouldn’t need jesus.


3 thoughts on “A Facebook thought…

    1. boy, did i blow it on that one! way to call me out, elaine…

      now to own up: i have facebook friends that span my full 58 years of life. i’m pretty sure you and your sister knew me BEFORE i was born!

  1. Our mothers met when Onie was pregnant with you. They lived kind of next door, but hadn’t met. The doctor told Onie to take a walk each day. Mpther was outside a lot, between us girls playing and gardening. They started talking… and never stopped!! When Janet or I want to describe a true best friend, we say “She’s my Onie”. Being/having an “Onie” is a true blessing.

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