I’m humbled

i’ve been blogging since 2006.

last december, i chronicled my journey into social media on the day of my 1000th post.  you can read it here, if you’re interested.

deep down, i’m still amazed that people read the things i write.  i’m never going to show up on some list of most popular blogs, but in my little fishbowl, i’m swimming with four or five hundred who regularly check in on what’s spinning in my noggin.   it still blows me away…

over the years, i have tried my best to inspire and encourage people.  i’ve tried to make people laugh.  i’ve tried to challenge traditional thinking.  i’ve poked fun at the church and even more at the skewed, and sometimes even unbiblical, role of the modern pastor.   not everybody has laughed with me, but nobody has to stand before god to give an account for my life…but yours truly.

more than anything else,  i’ve tried to get you think outside the box and read between the lines of the biblical narrative, because i suspect the truth exists there, also.   the dialogue is not always easy for me to enter into.  sometimes i find myself in over my head with issues and ideas that no longer have simple answers i was content with years ago.

some days i like where i find myself.  others days, not so much.  the great godfather of american youth ministry…and my old friend…mike yaconelli used to write about the messiness of being a follower of christ is the real world.   messiness doesn’t always play nice with easy answers.  i walk with people everyday who affirm that truth.

sheesh.  everyday, i affirm that truth.  anyway, thanks for continuing to read what i write.   you’re good friends.

today, i read a post by a guy i have never heard of before, but wish i had.   his name is ben ponder.  he’s an executive in the educational software industry, an author, a christian, and a really smart guy.   the post he wrote, titled “The Idolatry of the Family” is one of the most amazing, disturbing, inspiring and compelling things i have read in a long, long time.

you should read it here.

you’ll be deeper for it.


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