Being Ready

Sorry I haven’t been writing lately. This is the first time in forever that I have simply been too busy to write. Some of you may have missed it. But you haven’t missed it more than me.

Over the years, writing has become my friend. It’s therapeutic. It’s healing. It’s a safe place for me…even tho you get to invade it. I’m glad to be back.

As those of you that are close know, the North Point family is sharing in the tragedy of one of our own this week. It is not the first. It will certainly not be the last. Tragedy and sadness and sorrow is what bonds us all together. Even more than joy and happiness and shared interests. A hurting heart knows no strangers.

I said this on Sunday. I want to say it again. Every time I watch someone go through the valley of darkness, I ask myself, “Am I ready to face this same kind of pain? Is my heart and mind prepared for the onslaught of emotion that inevitably come with great loss?”

Are you?

Is your foundation solid? Are your support systems in place? Do you have the kind of friends who will dare to speak truth into your soul, when you are unable to do it for yourself? Is your your faith placed firmly in the sovereign stability of a God who is fully revealed in the Word and who never changes…or will you be left clinging to a mystical god of your own making?

Tragedy and death seldom give us much warning. Catastrophic change doesn’t stop by a couple of weeks in advance to ask our permission. It just happens. Life…and death just happen.

Don’t be foolish. Be ready. Be alert. Be sober-minded.

And be ready to stand by those who aren’t.



2 thoughts on “Being Ready

  1. It is good to see your post again … I have not been privileged to know the Rodriguez family … I have received Debbie’s prayer request and have been and continue to pray for the family … during my 13 year tenure at the Salvation Army I dealt with much tragedy and loss … I attended seminars on how to deal with grief and helping others to deal with their loss … When it happens to us it is never quite the same …. I spent the first 20 years of my marriage preparing for my husbands death … it seemed every time we turned around we were being told he could die soon … I did not know how I would handle such loss so I began to prepare for it in my mind … in doing so I began to lose so much that life had to offer us…It was only when I learned to say God is in control that I truly began to live … 2009 brought great loss to my family … 11 people who were tied to my family … including my father, oldest sister and several aunts and uncles all went home to our Father … I knew most of them had peace with God and others I was not sure about … I was looked to by many of my siblings and nieces and nephews to be the strong one and help the family come through this loss ….as they recovered … I began to fall apart … holding close to my Father … I clung to hope ….then in October I was hospitalized for an emergency surgery … becoming very ill …. and another Aunt passed while I was in the hospital and I fell apart … My husband and my children did not know what to do … they could not understand how I could not longer be strong … for the next year I rested in the arms of my Father and let Him heal my heart and my soul … We so often are called upon to be the strength for others … but God is our only true source for strength …. as we comfort others … keeping them lifted up is most essential … inviting Christ Jesus into the midst of the situation letting Him carry us through the stages of grief … May your week be blessed

  2. As odd as it may sound to some, I am more prepared to handle tragedy than at any other point in my life. My friend Braden’s untimely passing last year forced me to face my paper-thin understanding of God’s will for my life thrust me into a period of heavy self-reflection.

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