Goodness, shmoodness…

i just got through doing a nice thing for my son.  a really nice thing.

i was sitting here admiring the nice thing i had done.  i was thinking, “i’m a good dad.  i’m sure my son realizes that.  i hope my example makes an impact and carries on after i’m gone.  yup.  i’m a good dad.”


please forgive me for my moment of deluded self-admiration.

although i hopped out of the USS John Calvin boat many years ago,  i will still readily…and biblically…admit that any good thing that comes from me is simply because of the goodness of god that has taken up residence in my body.

i don’t love because i’m a good guy.  i love because god loved me first and rescued me from a dismal life of self-centeredness,  self-interest,  and self-obsession.

every day is lived “in view of god’s mercy”…which means i don’t get the wrath of god that i really deserve…and i constantly get opportunities to treat others with the grace and patience extended to me by a benevolent and just father.  my true example and the one who daily shows me how treat others.

in these days of uncivility, i’m grateful the great gift-giver continues to influence and empower this self-absorbed and clueless child.

when all is said and done,  i’m not a very good person at all.  but i know the one who is.

and hopefully today will not be a continued adventure in missing the point.


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