A thought from Sunday…

maybe i’m just weird.

when i read the bible, i don’t see strategies for church growth.  for me, the book of acts doesn’t play out as a series of steps to follow for the development of the church…or even as examples for us to model our church leadership after.

it just doesn’t.

as a matter of fact, i think if we did things the way the early church appears to have done it in the first and second centuries, we would probably be laughed at by the contemporary church of today.  i bet we would be told that those strategies of growth in the first century are simply no longer relevant for the world we live in today.

look, i’m no historian.  i don’t claim to have the deepest of insights into the life and heart of the early church.  but what i do know,  seems to look a lot different than the typical sunday morning church show i have grown accustomed to over the course of my lifetime.

just sayin’.

so today, when i just read scripture…instead of giving my opinion of what scripture means…i wonder if we were following closer to the footsteps of the early church, than when i pontificate?  i wonder if the shepherds and teachers of the early church created the same kind of dependency-followership as today’s celebrity pastors do these days?

or maybe they did the same thing back then, as we do now.  “hey, i know you guys go to pastor aquila’s church, but you should really come over to pastor aristobulus’s church with us.  he totally rocks the scrolls!  god is really blessing us over here!”

anyway…i will get back to preaching next sunday.  until then, read the book for yourself.  let god speak to you.  i’ll do my best to help you,  but nothing can take the place of you letting god’s unfiltered word penetrate your heart and mind on its own.

start tomorrow.  need help knowing where to start?  let me know.

have a great week!


One thought on “A thought from Sunday…

  1. Larry Don and I really enjoyed Sunday’s service…it is refreshing to publicly read God’s Word and lift voices in praise of our King…We look forward to you continuing to pontificate. : )

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