Marriage Tuesday

so i’m feeling like i ought to apologize for my overreaction yesterday.  today, when i went back and read what i
wrote, i had to admit that some of it was a response to some things i had read well as a conversation i had had after our services on sunday.

i’m not backing off my conclusions, but there was definitely a critical edge that was unnecessary.  sometimes the truth doesn’t need to be spoken.  sometimes it serves no purpose other than to flaunt spiritual superiority.  this is not a pleasant admission.

but it does make me think about a common problem in marriages.

one of my absolute favorite things about football season in texas is listening to sports talk radio…especially after a regrettable performance by the home team.   one of the local stations loves referring to the “day after” as overreaction monday.

are you an “overreactor” in your marriage?

do you have the tendency to blow things out of proportion?

are you ever guilty of exaggerating the demands or outcomes of a situation?

are you a drama queen…or the male equivalent?

do you make big deals out of small problems?

are you prone to making mountains out of mole hills?

or are you the kind of person that loves to give your partner the benefit of the doubt?  are you able to keep a sense of perspective when things go wrong…and do your reactions consistently fit the crimes?

healthy relationships have this in common:  there is room for error.  responses are seasoned with grace.  forgiveness is never earned.  hope is always present.  justice is tempered with love.

and there is absolutely no overreaction monday.


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