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i’m now a board member of the chin refugee ministry here in my hometown.   i’m not sure i had a choice.

over the past months,  i have learned a lot about the chin people.   they are originally from the chin state in the country of burma (also known as myanmar).   chin state is the one people group in the country that is predominantly christian.  the first american missionary came to chin state in 1899…and all missionaries were expelled from the country in 1965.

since then,  they have shared the story of jesus and lived out their faith under the daily reality of persecution…ethnic, religious and political.  many have fled the country,  seeking asylum in malayasia…a 1500 mile walk of danger…and then ultimately to the united states.  some (approximately 2000) live right here in lewisville.

the chin refugee ministry (CRM) exists to help these simple followers of christ learn to exist in a new land…with a new language and new rules and new traditions and whole new set of values.  the task is overwhelming.

and it is quite an honor for me to serve in this way.  and an even greater honor to be part of a church family that consistently accepts the challenge of living out our faith in the neighborhood we call home.

i can’t wait to see the incarnational opportunities become clearer.

i hope you have already taken your blinders off.


One thought on “Check it out

  1. Thanks, Mike for posting this with the link to CRM. Wow! What amazing things can happen when we simply love whoever God sends our way on any given day.

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