The Aftermath of FHS

what a good day for the north point family.

for those sitting on the outside looking in, full house sunday is a thing we do about once a year to get the whole NP church family in the same place at the same time…to create an opportunity for people who have joined us in the past year to affirm their commitment…and be reminded that we are a much bigger group of people than we look like on any given sunday.

i loved watching everybody roll up their sleeves and help turn the NP grand ballroom into a banquet hall in less than 10 minutes.  total team effort.

i’m grateful for a hard-working events team that pulled off a great meal for our facility-challenged group.   i’m not sure how many hot dogs and hamburgers were grilled, but chris myers looked wasted.  great job brutha.

i will never doubt the feeding-of-the-5000 principle that takes place every time we eat as a church family.  we never run out.  it’s like the food multiplies all on its own.  amazing.

i’m pretty humbled that so many people came to the first service, when they could have chosen the sermon-optional 11:15 service.  

after a sunday of letting children run wild  (because we apparently like wild running children),  it will be good to get back to a more sedate and peaceful existence in the main building.  we will say prayers for our children’s workers next door in the jungle.  they are the best.

i found myself apologizing to some first-time visitors for how different today was.  i hope they come back and give our regular dysfunction a try.  i really think they could love north point the way i do.

today was definitely the best FHS yet…but i come up a little short on how to describe it.

absolute pandemonium.  borderline chaos.  i’m pretty sure not very many church families can get away with doing what we did today.  but for us, it works.   a 20-minute service…so we could get busy eating and talking and playing and meeting new people and re-charging some old friendships.

now that’s church.


One thought on “The Aftermath of FHS

  1. From the impression I got from the new people I talked to, it seemed like they were able to hang. I think showing what our church family is like spoke a lot louder than just talking about it.

    Oh, we ate those leftovers at youth group tonight – and there are still leftovers. You’re right about them multiplying.

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