Can you hear me now?

so i’m wondering a little…

there’s been quite a bit of silence out there in my little corner of the interspace.  i’ve been thinking that maybe i’ve been missing the mark, you know.

here are the topics of some of my recent posts:

  • money and giving it away
  • sex before marriage
  • baptism
  • asking for help when you’re in trouble
  • surrendering our need to be right
  • stop running from your problems
  • taking god’s truth seriously

treading water in the deep end is work.  i think i’m hearing the call of the shallow end.  maybe you need a break.  i think i need me a little social media love.  can you hear me?   so here goes:

pringles or regular chips?  really.  it’s a simple question.  i want to know which you prefer.

i’ve been thinking about writing on the topic of the greatness of pringles.

it’s time to leverage my influence to make the world a better place.

10 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?

  1. I try to avoid chips if at all possible. But if I eat them, it’s either a salt/vinegar flavor of any brand, or regular pringles. There’s something about the pringles that makes you want to eat the entire can. Also, I am secretly a very fat person on the inside.

  2. any sort with “flaming hot” in the title are delicious. i once found wasabi funyuns on a road trip. while they were not friendly to my insides later, they sure were delicious going down! (you’re right Mike, mention chips and BOOM! we’re all ready to share our thoughts…just not the chips)

  3. your messages are coming through loud and clear. Your posts this week have been very insightful and thought provoking, even though people may not be responding. Keep up the great work.

    Oh Yeah- Regular Chips much better than Pringles!! however, pringle packaging is superior.

  4. Straight old fashioned Lays Potato chips. We are always listening, it’s just you are SOOOOO thought provoking that we don’t know how to articulate what you are making us think.

  5. Mike, I have been an avid fan of “Just Thinking” since your post on civility in discourse while hanging on to truth. It was your only election oriented post. I send your posts around to my friends, and they appreciate them. The one on giving was outstanding, SPOT ON, OL’ BOY.

  6. And regarding chips, I prefer the ridges, no flavor except potato; but if my daughter is with me when I shop, she snatches the bag, puts it back on the shelf and says, “You don’t need those!!”

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