here’s  a list of things i’m kind of digging right now.  just because…

  • the rusty taco
  • the way wanda’s hair looks
  • switchfoot
  • johnny football
  • not bill walton
  • chedder cheese pringles
  • the messianic jewish bible institute
  • advent conspiracy
  • person of interest
  • driving topless in the jeep (not me.  the jeep.)
  • our new waffle iron
  • the way nolan says “papi”
  • my sawzall
  • a heavy flanger-chorus sound on a telecaster (scott?)
  • men’s whataburger
  • mr. frosty rootbeer
  • when daylight saving time ended this fall
  • gangnam style (this may never grow old on me)
  • SDSU football
  • the anticipation of smoking meats during the holidays
  • john mark mcmillan
  • dallas sports talk radio
  • my new macbook pro

can anybody relate?

do you have any “likes” that need to go live?


One thought on “Like

  1. Sorry to disappoint, but the tele will be in the shop until further notice. Hopefully the other guitars will suffice until its return. However, prepare for fully unadulterated flanger/chorus at any possible moment.

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