Wow. Just wow.

my friend luke told me about noah gundersen this week.  you probably don’t know him.  he’s an indie folk-rocker from the seattle area.  i’d heard his music before, but i didn’t really know much.  his music is amazing.  he tours with his younger sister and together, they are genius.

but that’s not why i’m writing this.  i’m writing about a song he wrote, called “jesus, jesus”.

there’s nothing that leads me to believe he’s a follower of jesus.  luke told me the guy grew up in a christian home and walked away from it all.  it wouldn’t surprise me.  this song reflects his spiritual journey.  it’s raw.  it’s brutally honest.  it’s incredibly sad.

listen to the song when you have a few minutes to absorb the pain of his seeking.  my final thoughts are after the video (studio version with the lyrics) and a link to a “live” version, if you want to see he and his sister singing in front of people.  both are good.

* warning.  he drops an in-your-face f-bomb in the middle of the song…and a g-d shortly after.  this kind of honesty is not for the faint of heart.  proceed at your own risk.

live version

as unfiltered and visceral as his words from the heart are…and as painful the attack is on my faith…i was moved.  the song leaves me hopeful and motivated.  the questions he asks and the hopelessness he sings about affirm my reason to get up in the morning.

chances are, i will never walk with young noah.  but i walk with many others like him.  nearly every day.  people who don’t see what i see.  the “light” that i live in is nothing more than darkness and desperation to those who carry the scars of pain and hollow answers.

please don’t let the brutishness of a couple of his words rob you of the joy of hearing a common cry of those who are trying to touch the hope you possess.

may your sunday rekindle a passion for those who live without hope.


One thought on “Wow. Just wow.

  1. Finally got a chance to listen to the song. Very powerful and thought provoking. The irony is I have had many of the same thoughts during my faith journey. I wish I could have a cup a coffee with the guy and dialogue. I think I would learn a ton.

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