Letters to Holden and Nolan

Holden and Nolan side by side C editedlittle dudes…

i’m thinking a lot about you tonight.  this was one of those days that your mommy had to tutor and i got to take care of you guys.  i love it when i get to spend some “guy time” with you.

i just want to say you’re awesome.

and i hope that maybe someday… when you’re older…you’ll wander back to these words i’m writing on a non-spectacular, normal kind of day, and know you made me a really happy guy today.

we didn’t do anything special.  we played on the floor and messed around with the little christmas trees we put on your railroad track table…while we watched the end of “happy feet”.  now that’s a cool movie that was mega-cool with you guys watching!

then we went to home depot and you rode in the cart.  nolan…how did you learn to blatantly flirt at such a young age?  then we went to our favorite destination:  sam’s club for pepperoni pizza and hi-c…and the regular trip to the men’s bathroom that has the coolest little-guy urinal on earth and the new high-tech air blower for drying your hands.  holden…you always end up with the cleanest, driest hands!

we always wrap up our trip to sam’s club by sharing a four-berry ice cream sundae from the snack stand.  one bite for holden…one for nolan…one for me.  all the way to the bottom.  then a few spins down the aisles in the cart for a little flirting and a little looking…and then it was back to the car for some car seats and loud rock and roll music on the radio.

you guys head-bang just like your daddy and uncle corey did when they were your age.

then it was back home in time for mimi to steal you away from me.  just a simple afternoon…nothing special.  except for me.

those were the best two hours of my week. 


grow wise, grasshoppers.



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