Marriage Tuesday

Marriage Tuesdaythere’s an awful lot of hate and judgment out there these days.

i love that we live in a land where freedom of speech is a treasured value.  i really do.  even though i might violently disagree with political pundits and radio shock jocks and newscasters and facebook pontificators and editorialists and joe-bloggers of all types, i defend their right to express their opinions.

sometimes, i just wish they wouldn’t.  like today.

i’m pretty sure most everybody has heard of the young pro football player who killed his girlfriend (and mother of their baby daughter) and then shot and killed himself this past weekend.  the horror of this tragedy is nearly unspeakable.

apparently, except for a bunch of unbridled venom being directed at the young man .  but i’m not hopping on that bandwagon.  i’m not feeling much like giving my sanctimonious condemnation of his sin.  i’ll leave that to god.  i have enough trouble with my own sin…

but here’s the “darkness” we need to expose:  nobody knew what was going on inside this guy’s head.  how messed up does someone need to be to kill another person?   how dark does a person’s soul need to be to reach the hopelessness and despair necessary to commit suicide?

it doesn’t have to end in death, but depression and anxiety and anger and grief and futility and fear and panic…can leave anybody messed up and prone to shipwrecking their life and the lives of those the love.

so what’s this got to do with marriage?

simple.  the greatest gift you can offer your spouse…and your marriage… is your own spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

in that order.

sooooo…are you developing a deeper spiritual life?  are you facing your inner demons?  are you committed to change in the areas where you are falling short?  are you inviting others into your life journey…to help, to give wise counsel, to provide accountability, to give good example?

are you offering your wife/husband the very best of who you are?

maybe you can make a clean start today.

2 thoughts on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. I said almost the same thing to my husband about how anxiety, depression, grief and anger can mess up a persons mind. It is really sad to hear these stories. I always pray for the person and his or her family and friends.I enjoy reading your post. Thank you. Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 05:27:35 +0000 To:

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