I Believe…

I believe

some things i believe…

  • no three-piece band was better than triumph.
  • american league baseball = beer league softball.
  • god doesn’t prohibit women from preaching.
  • swiss orange chip from swenson’s is the best ice cream ever.
  • we should encourage kids to consider marriage at younger ages.
  • a mac is easier to use than a pc.
  • i don’t want or need to own a gun.
  • the book of revelation is to be interpreted figuratively.
  • men’s short shorts will eventually make a comeback.
  • people have the freedom to turn away from jesus.
  • all tex-mex is basically the same.
  • cold weather is better than hot weather.
  • andy reid would be a good head coach for the chargers.
  • the death penalty should be abolished.
  • we would all be better off if we gave more money away.
  • the BCS should be obliterated.
  • if people really took jesus’ words and example deeply to heart, the church would look nothing like what we see in the united states these days.

i have hundreds of other things i believe. many of them are probably way more controversial than the ones i have listed here. but trust me…they are well thought out. to the best of my ability, i have taken god’s word seriously and studied it diligently. sometimes, my journey to truth (as i understand it) has been painful process. but this is where i have arrived.

please don’t hate me. please don’t call me names. please give me room to have my own opinion. please respect my intellectual and spiritual process, as i respect yours.

especially if we find ourselves on different sides of the ledger.

may the bread and juice we share be the substance of unity. always.

don’t think me ignorant just because i see things different from you. don’t write me off as hopeless.

don’t call my commitment to christ into question.

please extend grace to me.

i will to you.

i promise.


9 thoughts on “I Believe…

  1. I’d like to try the swiss orange chip from swensons. Have you ever tried swensons black bart? hmmmm!

    Thank God for those among us who do take Jesus words and example to heart.

    We love and respect you, Mike, and some of us even like you, too.

  2. MY 3 Piece band visited a little trailer house church down in Corpus Cristi,
    Guitar player with a half stack-check
    Me with a stack-check
    Drummer full trap-check
    Volume set at 11.
    We worshiped with the 10 people that went to that church.

    That was the greatest 3 piece band, E.O.S.

    Opinion – Your opinion has no force on me. Just like my opinion has no force on you.

    Want my opinion?
    I guess you have been to preachy in your blog of late. This is the most comments in a long time.

    You should have brought back the 10 ten Christmas song list a lot sooner.

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