today-i-willi’ve looked forward to the space created after moving on from the events of earlier in the week.

monday, i insulated myself from the passions of people’s hearts and the openness of the public forum.  (tuesday was just another run-of-mill-out-of-control normal day in my week).  anyway, i love that we live in a country that gives people the freedom to speak their minds.  i love that technology now provides multiple pulpits for folks to express what moves them and what lights a fire in their belly.

i will exercise that freedom today.

today i am full of hope.  while others feel the darkness closing in, i see light everywhere.  i see a world full of possibilities.  even for the marginalized and oppressed among us.  because i believe that death was defeated that day two thousand years ago…because i hold to the preposterous certainty that the laws of nature were suspended that black weekend on the outskirts of jerusalem…because my rational sensibilities have not been flushed down the toilet… the empty tomb keeps me from every being overwhelmed by my circumstances.

today, anger and frustration will not control me.  frankly, it will never control me.  my thoughts and attitudes will be surrendered to the one who has taken up residence inside me.  today i will live for his pleasure, not my own satisfaction.

today, i will not obsess about losing what i call my own.  i will not con myself into believing that what i possess is mine because of my hard work  or my ingenuity or my privileged status.  i will remember that i am but a steward of what belongs to god and that i am a caretaker of what he owns.  if i squander it by my own foolishness or self-centeredness, shame on me.  if it is taken from me, i will trust that god knows best.

today i will pursue joy.  it is no secret to anyone who reads what i write that i have battles with a darker side of my emotions.  depression is a cousin of mine who never moves completely out of the neighborhood.  so i must “choose” joy.  i must willfully climb back in the cage everyday and fight for what i prize the most.  some days, when i look around at those things i have little or no control over,  joy seems untouchable.  because i know that joy is promised to me, today i will grasp it for all i’m worth.

today, i will not even be tempted to believe that i am smarter than others.  i will listen carefully to what people say.  i will look for common ground.  i will try to see and feel what motivates people to believe what they believe and act the way they act.  i will give grace to all i come in contact with.  i will speak kind words.  i will be patient with those who would ordinarily push my buttons.  i will obey the command of my master to be a peacemaker in everything i do.

today, to the best of my ability, i will be to others as christ has been to me.

it seems only reasonable.

and i’ll worry about tomorrow if i make it.


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