Marriage Tuesday

WBPi wonder sometimes, what people are going to believe about marriage 25 years from now.

it’s changed a lot in my lifetime.  the rate of change seems to be accelerating.  quickly.

i suppose it’s going (gone) the way of just about everything else in our society.  you can make up your own rules.  you can define marriage for yourself.  each couple has the freedom to create it’s own agenda…it’s own definitions…it’s own way of interacting.

each union can decide what’s right or wrong for them.  

we decide how we will function with each other.  we decide who the boss is.  we decide how important decisions will be made.  we will decide how much yelling and screaming and fighting we will tolerate.  whatever works for us.

we decide if we want any help or accountability.  we decide how much is too much and how far is too far.   we decide whether we need a legal contract.  we will control our own future.  we don’t need anybody or anything else telling us how to live our lives.

we decide when our marriage begins.  we decide when it ends.

now don’t get me wrong.  in all of my moralistic and sacred idealism, i’m still a realist at heart.  nobody lives your life but you.  nobody else is responsible for your decisions but you.  nobody else is walking in your moccasins.  or ropers.  or air jordans.

i’m just staking a claim for authority.  when you make your decisions, by whose authority are you making them?  by whose “truth” are you building your life on.  who and where are you trusting for your wisdom?

back in the day, people who lived together before they god married liked to use the phrase, “but we are married in god’s eyes.”

i love that phrase.

so are you really looking at your marriage through god’s eyes…through the lens of his truth?  are you really evaluating every aspect of your marriage, in light of what god says about marriage and commitment and love and endurance and purity and intimacy?

if you consider yourself married in god’s eyes, what is god seeing when he looks at you and your partner?


3 thoughts on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. Inside the eyes of God is connection it doesn’t have the conditions for it is pure of unconditional. It embraces and sees no opposite. It glows the amount of growth in connection you experience within the union you are within. It has mountains yet it shines the light of each mountain to give a path of what you don’t forsake. You love deeply and know that each movement within that love has no limit to how deep it can touch each other. The energy of this magnetic field is the same as two magnets facing each other. Each polarity stays connected no matter what is in between. This fabric is all things it matters not the trials, it matters not the circumstances. It’s based on forgiveness within the love it gives back. Am I close? Beautiful post.. Beautiful family my friend!

  2. People have very little respect for one of the oldest covenants. I think god would be saddened if he looked at the state of matrimony today.

    What if god walked out on us, threw his hands up and said I’ve had enough? Or that he fell out of love with us? Isn’t the church his bride?!

    There would be less divorce if people loved their spouse like Jesus loves the church.

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