Lookers, helpers, and owners

make a differencei wrote about this a few years ago.  it’s worth looking at it again.

churches are full of all different kinds of people, but i have found that most church people fall into one of three categories: lookers, helpers, or owners. let me explain…

lookers are people that are seeking. they are looking for a place to belong. they are looking for friends. they are looking for meaning. they are looking for answers. they come to check things out and see if its worth it to keep coming back. lookers can stay lookers for a long time. months or even years. you can get to know them and they can get to know you. they join in. they come to events. they can even turn into regular attenders.

but make no mistake, they are still lookers. they give a little money, a little time, a little effort. they show interest. sometimes, they even tease you into believing they are more than just lookers. but when all is said and done, they are still lookers. they can be members. they call the church “their church”. they might even bring more lookers with them. but they are still lookers.  i love lookers.

a second group of people are helpers. they are much more involved than lookers. these people can be counted on to assist. they don’t mind being asked to do things and are usually more than willing to help out. they are busy people. they have jobs and families and hobbies and homes and neighbors and vacations and associations and investments. they are busy people. they have to work hard to schedule “church time”, but they do it.

they are people who will gladly give you their name and number and encourage you to give them a call when you have a need. they are friendly and helpful and will work hard to fit additional tasks into their busy schedules. the greater the need, the more willing these folks are to help. honestly, we couldn’t do the things we do without helpers. they are usually the largest group in a healthy church.

owners are the foundation of the church. they are the people who start things and finish them. they are the people who don’t need to be asked to do things. they are already doing them. owners are always thinking about their jobs. always planning. always strategizing. always wrestling with new ways to do the important things they are responsible for.

owners are always there. owners are responsible…even when they are not there. they make sure the job gets done. they don’t call people at the last moment to fill in. you seldom have to call them because they already know what they should be doing. they are the people the helpers call.

they give the overwhelming majority of money in the offering plate. they give their own money (over and above their offering) to see tasks completed. they use their own stuff. their own homes are extensions of their church jobs. they make personal decisions in light of their ministries.

anybody can be an owner.  all you need to do is start acting like one.  really.  it’s that easy.

owners seldom get sick. they arrive early. they stay late. they make the biggest messes, but stay to clean up. they always have your back. they will climb the mountains with you. they will face the enemy with you. they are your team…your family…your brothers…your deepest friends.

so are you a looker…a helper…or an owner? maybe it’s time to make a move.

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