It’s time to get better

Kid-Presidentpretty sure you haven’t even needed to read between the lines to know that i have been in a funk lately.

my two previous posts on self-talk were feeble attempts to remember some basics…to call to mind the importance of the conversations that go on in my head.

it helped a little.

reading francis chan’s crazy love with all the north point dudes has definitely helped over the past three weeks.  regular bible reading never comes back empty.  sermon prep on the parable of the good samaritan couldn’t have been more timely for me.

the new diet and exercise plan has been hard…and awesome…and has made a huge difference in how i feel about myself, as well as some really improved focus and motivation.

but here’s what really helped.  if you’re stuck in low gear…or overwhelmed by your own failures…or your just in a generally crappy mood…watch this video.  watch it three times a day for the next week.  even if you’ve seen it before, watch it again.

be ready to get off your butt.

you’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “It’s time to get better

  1. Went to church at Crossroads in Corona last Saturday with Josh and Alicia…Chuck played this and then Alicia posted it on BF…..guess I was really supposed to get a good dose of the president…..helped me….glad it helped you…to quote the famous therapist you once referred me to….”Stop It”

  2. Why, why why do I feel like this is aimed directly at me. 🙂 I’m having my gonna be 50 mid life crisis!!! I hate my job that is ending in 1 month, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and my body is NOT responding to exercise and good food…. and my knees hurt 😦

    1. Sherri, you don’t have a target on your back! These posts are about my funk, and not yours. However, if the shoe fits…! Hang in there. It sounds like these are tough days. If you want to do some offline dialogue, send me an email. Or we can play it out here for the world to see!! By the way, turning 5-0 is pretty liberating once you start to embrace the bennies. Think about it. It’s only five more years till you can start getting the free “senior’s drink” at Whataburger….

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