Marriage Tuesday

Marriage Tuesday 2i’ve been sitting here for quite a while, trying to figure out how to start writing this post. after preaching a sermon this past sunday where jesus says, “he who is sinless, cast the first stone”, i am pausing just little before i wind up and throw a heater.


i just heard…again…about another church pastor that is throwing down another 30-day sex challenge. that’s where couples are challenged, i.e., told, to have sex with each other every day for a month. this commitment will apparently strengthen the marriage bond, increase intimacy, and flood the front doors of the church with new men (and women?) who will say, “swwweeeeet! this is the church i’ve been looking for!”

i’ve written something like this a few years ago, but it needs to be restated. this time with even more conviction. there are churches all over this country that are using sex to sell. and they just need to stop it.

no more titillating billboards. no more “safe” christian sexual innuendo. no more “teaser” postcards sent to random homes of people who already have church families. no more pastors who climb up on the tops of their church buildings to hop in bed with their wives for the cameras of the nightly news to catch. no more.

here’s a snippet of something i wrote a couple of years ago in response to a similar bonehead church promotion:

for all of the studies and insight we have into the depth and complexities of male-female relationships, you would think pastors, of all people, would show some sensitivity to the fact that we are all different…and we all function different in our relationships. it appears, on the most basic levels, that women might have slightly different needs than men…and most men might have some different needs than women. and each might have a different path to sexual and emotional fulfillment than the other. not to mention, that women are different from other women…and not all men have just one thing on their minds(with all due respect to the crap that dr. laura spewed a few years back).

and i am more angry about it now than i was back then. you can read the whole post here.

and as if i needed even more fuel to pour on the fire, i read an article by a woman today that crushed me. this is a must-read for every couple. if you are a woman who reads my blog, you need to make your husband sit down and read what she wrote.

here is a link to the article: “the sexy wife i can’t be”

…and make sure you read some of the many comments. they’re amazing.

you will not look at sex the same.


One thought on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. So true…for the longest time sex was a dirty word…something that we were told to stay far away from. Abuse…neglect and teachings made it impossible. It was a struggle for years. God can heal your brokeness…! Living with a father who had the constant fear of thinking that people would think with three girls that he being a single father would possibly abuse us… And some who would outright make false claims about it. He did what he thought he had to and showed us no affection at all, no hugs no kisses on the cheek… All these things I do with my boys! It was really hard when married to have someone who wanted to touch me.. To hold me, hug me or kiss me. Well when I finally could get past it it was a little late. Seek God and also find someone to help you love how he wants you to love before it is too late!!!

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