STOP. Right now…and do this.

read_it_and_eat_logoevery so often, i read something that begs to be repeated again and again and again.

that happened for me recently.

i have pointed you to rachel held evans before.  she is a pretty prolific writer.  she has become a loud and familiar voice in the church and culture over the past year.  her influence has grown quickly.  she is a blogger and author that i am always looking forward to reading.

but she outdid herself a couple of days ago.  she wrote something so profound…so inspiring…so honest…my words cannot do her words justice.

so just read it.  read it because you will be better for it.  read it because every follower of christ should read it.  it doesn’t matter what camp you are in…you should read it.  maybe it will help you get out of that camp and into one that is more honorable to the kingdom.

i hope you read it before you share life with your church family tomorrow.  your worship will be different.  your praise will be deeper.  your interaction with others will be more transparent.

just read it.



One thought on “STOP. Right now…and do this.

  1. Thanks for pointing out Rachel Held Evans’ posts now and then. I’ve book marked her blog. This post was very moving. I’ve read many times since you referred to it. Usually I am turned off by long lists of “what is wrong with the church” created by people. It’s okay for Jesus to do it about hypocrits. When people make the list I always think about the verse in Romans 14 that says “Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?” But in this post the way she wove her own personal shame into the list helped.

    Now about the second part of her post. Her meditations on not being ashamed of the gospel. Inspiring! Made me cry. Made me laugh with joy. Made me thank God for Jesus. Made me lift my eyes above the cares of this world and see the gospel in action.

    Thanks for pointing out her meditationmeditation!

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