A job search

our_pastordo you ever have those days when things just seem weird to you?  today was one of those days for me.

i was doing a little blog reading of some of my favorite sites this afternoon and i stumbled on kind of a church dating service.  it’s a place where churches advertise pastor job openings.  here’s a clip of an ad for a senior pastor position in an upscale suburban area of houston:

This church is also very involved in local outreach, with a very active counseling ministry, as well as many other programs that provide ministries to both church members and the local community. Blessed with a wonderful facility in the beautiful Galleria area of west Houston, this church has lovely accommodations, as well as great areas for the children and the youth.

Leading this church to the next level will include the following responsibilities: Lead an ongoing ministry of developing disciples of Jesus Christ; Devote himself to the Word of God through personal and scholarly study: Hold to the doctrinal views described in their statement of faith; Provide oversight of the administration of the church; and Plan, along with the other elders, the future ministries and activities of the church. This leader will have a personal life that meets the requirements for an elder and pastor as set out in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

In addition to having a great environment, wonderful facilities, and warm and caring people with whom to work, you and your family will thoroughly enjoy living and playing in this lovely community; with large, manicured lawns; quiet, tree-lined streets; and all the amenities you could ever want–just a short walk or drive away.

here are a few of my thoughts…

i’m more convinced than i have ever been that if i ever got fired from north point, i would probably be better off working behind the counter at subway, than applying for a pastor job at a church that advertises online.

as a matter of fact, i’m pretty sure me being a senior pastor anywhere but north point would turn into a disaster…for both of us.

after reading this, i tried to picture the ad i would write, if north point was going to hop in the pastor sweepstakes.  “north point is blessed with an amazing location, surrounded by a junk yard,  an awesome gas station and a drainage ditch…on a death trap busy street in the at-risk part of old town lewisville.”  swwweeet.

unlike most people, i’m not confused by church-speak.  unfortunately, i get it.  and this “leading the church to the next level” talk wears me out.  i know it’s just words, but i hate that churches set pastors…and themselves…up for discouragement and even failure, by expecting expansion.  if you’re looking for a new pastor, why wouldn’t you just say, “we’re looking for somebody to help us be healthy and faithful to the word?”

when i look at the actual job description (you can see the rest of it here, if you haven’t got enough of this yet), i’m pretty much convinced the apostle paul wouldn’t fulfill all the qualifications.  jesus might even come up a little short.  maybe superman could do it, tho.

i know this is really really judgmental, but anybody that is lured into kingdom work by the thoughts of “large, manicured lawns; quiet, tree-lined streets; and all the amenities you could ever want–just a short walk or drive away”, should just be ashamed of themselves.

i may joke every now and then about getting fired from north point.  let me.  i’m a funny guy.  but the truth is, after 18 years of serving here, i don’t have job security.  i have a family.

and that’s way better than job security.


2 thoughts on “A job search

  1. Just a small addendum… I have nothing against finely manicured lawns. I’ve been trying for the last 18 years to grow one in my front yard.

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