Marriage Tuesday

marriage 2here’s a shocker:  i’ve got lots of people these days that want to know what i think about same-sex marriage.

because it’s such a volatile and polarizing hot button, i’m not feeling particularly inclined to make my little corner of the blogosphere a public forum for people to roll up their sleeves and drop their opinions in opposition (or support) of mine.  sorry.  you’ll need to go find another audience.

but i do have a related issue that’s bugging me today.

look, it’s not much of a secret that many, if not most, conservative evangelical types stand in opposition to any legitimizing of same-sex marriage.  although that group is not particularly united on all of the points of opposition, there’s one consistent fear i’ve heard expressed for the past 15 years…

same-sex marriage is a threat to the traditional, biblical view of marriage.

without disrespecting the depth of debate and disagreement that good-hearted and passionate people can have over the theology or sociology of same-sex marriage (or homosexuality, in general), i want to make an observation to all the husbands and wives i know:

…the biggest threat to your marriage will never be the existence or legalization of same-sex marriage.

so let me list a few real threats.

  • flirting at the office
  • facebook
  • your job
  • bitterness
  • unwillingness to talk
  • careless criticism
  • uncontrolled spending
  • lack of forgiveness
  • high school reunions
  • sexual dissatisfaction
  • power struggles
  • hard hearts
  • dishonesty
  • letting divorce be an option

wake up!  be alert.  pay attention to the real enemies of your marriage.  don’t get side-tracked with perceived threats.


3 thoughts on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. How come you left off “Pondering homosexuality while you are married to the opposite sex”
    Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 relationships this has occurred. The marriages were divorced.
    What gives?

    1. I didn’t leave that reason off on purpose…I totally didn’t think about it. But you’re right. I have a list of friends whose marriages ended because one of them decided they were more drawn to the same sex than they were to the opposite sex any longer. And somehow THAT reason to quit on the marriage is more righteous or acceptable than other reasons? No way. Marriage is tough. Persevere. Infidelity is infidelity…no matter what sex you are attracted to.

      Harsh, but true.

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