Why Mexico? Why now?

whyNOWThere is a group of North Point men who are leaving next Thursday to go to Juarez, Mexico to partner with Amor Ministries and local church members to build a house for a family.  This is a partnership that began 18 years ago and we are excited to be going back after a three-year hiatus due to the violence in that region.

A number of people (including me!) have asked a great question in recent days.  “In light of the tragedy in West, Texas, why are we still going to Mexico?  Wouldn’t our effort and money be better spent helping our neighbors just two hours south of us?”  Let me try to answer that.

First, we made the commitment, of both money and manpower, to our friends in Juarez months ago.  North Point has been right in the middle of this project from the beginning.  Amor Ministries asked our church to be the first US group to go back into Juarez with them, since the regional violence caused them to shut down their work back in 2010.  We consider it an honor and an obligation to serve in this way.

Second, there’s a practical reason we are not going to West.  Right now, there’s really nothing for us to do as “outsiders”.  As of last Sunday, the authorities in West have asked for the donation of all supplies of any kind to stop.  There has been so much donated, it has created storage and distribution problems for them.  They have asked that help be limited to money donations only, for the time being.  You can check out the details here, if you want to personally respond:


Also, local and governmental agencies are just now beginning to create a coordinated effort for volunteer relief by individuals, churches, and humanitarian organizations.  There have been random groups that have already gone in to help with clean up, but many of those just add to the confusion.  It has been my experience with relief effort, that it is best to wait for clear direction from those in charge, before we come to help…especially if we don’t live in the immediate area or have specific, personal contacts.

We are currently discussing the possibility of a “West Relief Work Week” for North Pointers, as soon as the doors open for this kind of work and we are able to find the right agency to partner with.  Would you like to be part of a group to lead this effort?  Let me know.

Look, we take God’s Word seriously.  His command to take the Gospel to all nations is a declaration that God’s love knows no boundaries.  There is no nationalism in God’s economy!  When it comes to loving and serving and giving, there is no “either/or”, there is only “both/and”.   We will help both here at home…and those who have needs outside our borders.  It’s what Jesus would do.

We will continue to serve as many as we can, as much as we can, with as much as we have to give.  That’s what it means to be part of the North Point family.


8 thoughts on “Why Mexico? Why now?

  1. From my experience, questioning from congregants or others about the necessity of traveling in lieu of serving locally is pretty common. I have never understood it. In the Sermon on the mount, we are commanded to love one another and serve each other. it makes no mention of locale. In my opinion if an organization has a heart for doing missional work in a far-off locale, that is what they should do. They should go where the Lord and their hearts lead them. To question it seems petty to me.

    1. Some have hearts for local work…others have hearts for the nations. Some have hearts for both. Healthy church families have both. To be clear, I have had nobody challenge the validity or purpose of our trip to Mexico, though some have questioned the safety. The recent events in West, though, have caused some to question our timing and priority… something I even did myself, for a moment. I can’t wait to see how a trip to West shapes up in the weeks to come! Thanks for the thoughts, Sean.

  2. I’m so excited to hear that you guys are going back to Juarez!! I will certainly keep all of you in my thoughts & prayers! Wishing I was going with you 🙂

  3. If any of you guys going to Mexico need to borrow some quality camping gear, (You don’t HAVE to sleep on the ground in the dust, or be uncomfortable!) look me up at Church Sunday and I’ll be happy to loan what I have.

  4. I haven’t heard of Amor Ministry since back at First Christian under your direction with Diana. Wonder how she is. Those were great days in Mexicali. Loved those Mexican families. So gracious and hospitable.
    Mary Herrington

    1. I agree, Mary. Mexicali holds some great memories for me. After I left HB, I went to work for Amor…and when we moved to Texas, we started joining them in their work in Juarez. It’s a 10-hr drive! Nothing like the good old days of going to Mexico any time we wanted…

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