More pot stirring…

more stirring the potin the spirit of full disclosure, here are some things that, frankly, should be believed by everybody:

  • waffles are the perfect food.
  • we should all listen to a little reggae music from time to time.
  • joakim noah should really change that hair style.
  • just like bell bottoms and puka shell necklaces, men’s short shorts will make a comeback.
  • middle school girls are the most unknown and confusing people group on the planet.
  • no matter what character kiefer sutherland plays for the rest of his life, he will always be jack bauer.
  • the 1982 dodge 4×4 short-bed pick up was the greatest truck ever built.  ever.
  • mustard will be the condiment of heaven.
  • the DVR is the greatest technological creation in my lifetime.
  • unless there is a seriously misshaped melon, every dude should shave his head…at least once in his adult years.  (and you may never go back!)
  • the best sandwich in lewisville is the #1 pepe…at jimmy john’s.  applewood smoked ham and provolone…simple, understated greatness.
  • the national league should never…ever…adopt the designated hitter.
  • the BCS should be nuked.
  • roller coasters should be outlawed.
  • the college baseball world series is america’s best sporting event.
  • the money people spend on lavish wedding ceremonies could be spent more wisely.  lots more wisely.
  • every man should own a sawz-all.
  • good marriages don’t happen by accident.
  • little boys with long hair will never go out of style.
  • the cost of going to the movies is ridiculous.
  • single moms have the hardest job on earth.
  • bowling is a vastly superior form of recreational activity than golf, shooting guns in a firing range, and cross-stitching.
  • texting is better than talking on the phone.
  • people should be more honest when they are asked, “what’s up?” or “how are you?”…especially on sunday mornings.
  • everything is better with cheese.  unless you’re lactose intolerant.  (you made it, lindsey!)

what would you add?


7 thoughts on “More pot stirring…

  1. Things I believe;

    There is no more perfect end to a day than watching the sunset from just about any beach on the west coast

    I’m pretty sure Mana was Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts.

    The perfect love next to God’s comes from a dog.

    Stephen King’s The Stand is the best novel written in the my generation.

    Field of Dreams is the best movie ever. Ever.

    The Natural is a close second.

    Carlos Santana is the greatest guitarist in the history of ever.

    Braum’s Rocky Road ice cream is ridiculously great. (Ask them to make you a Rocky Road Milk Shake with a short shot of Chocolate Syrup and make it thick and eat it with a spoon.). You will thank me for it.

    Zion national park in southern Utah is the greatest example of God’s creation.

    And lastly…

    My wife is the most amazing woman and the perfect example of God’s grace. No really!

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  2. I was just thinking about your thinking and while I agree with you on some, I vehemently oppose your position on others. For example:

    Reggae: anyone except Bob Marley. He was a pretty despicable human.

    Some people should NEVER shave their heads. I am one of them.

    The College World Series is great but the NCAA Basketball Tournament is the best sporting event ever.

    Nothing is better than making a 3 shot grouping 600 yards downrange with a Win Mag 300 ( The weapon of choice for the Navy SEALS). Not even Bowling

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  3. * chicken gizzards are delicious
    * shorty shorts for men should never be allowed in public
    * blistering punk rock can cure a bad mood in one and a half minutes
    * teenagers are a lot of fun if you can look past their insecurity and inappropriate commentary
    * yes, reggae often
    * it’s ok for men to pluck their eyebrows, just don’t ever tell anyone
    * Cerebral Ballsy just might be the best name for a band…ever.
    * what’s a BCS?
    * those who don’t eat seafood can’t be trusted
    * college is NOT for everyone
    * brown rice, wheat bread
    * mustard not mayonnaise
    * upright bass, telecaster, pedal steel, three piece drum set
    * Richie Havens’ performance at Woodstock was the most memorable
    * Turbo’s pop-n-lock put Ozone’s to shame
    * those not raising a child(ren) are not allowed to use the words busy or exhausted

  4. * single Moms do indeed have the toughest job on the planet
    * humanity over patriotism…every time
    * most of our issues with others stem from issues with ourselves
    * arrogance is weakness
    * Dr. Pepper over Coke or Pepsi
    * skipping rocks is more fun than shooting guns
    * what happened to letting kids pick themselves up when they fall and earn a failing grade when they don’t do the work?
    * sports, art, music, academics, recess…all equally important to a high quality of life
    * men giving into temptation is NOT the fault of women (and vise versa)…ever
    * violence was never advocated by the Prince of Peace
    * treat each other with grace, kindness, and love…your children are taking notes

  5. * art is powerful – check out Ai Weiwei’s life and work
    * a Christian church that would turn someone away due to past indiscretions and or bad decision-making is tragic hypocrisy (and a misunderstanding of love)
    * we are all part of the problem
    * any effort to love, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is always needed
    * dill pickles over sweet
    * hot sauce on anything

  6. * wrap it in a tortilla and call it a day
    * forgive yourself first, then forgive others
    * atheists probably struggle to explain inspiration
    * John Coltrane
    * peace may not be profitable, but it really is
    * draw what’s not visible
    * collaboration is far more challenging and rewarding than going it alone
    * Jimi Hendrix played an extension of his body, not a guitar
    * addiction to anything is a sign of a distrust in God coupled with an obsession
    * investment in people is far more valuable than the largest profit margin
    * looking inward first will rid the world of racism, sexism, ageism, and every other negative ism known to man
    * Jesus was and is a hippie (but not in the marketable and superficial sense)
    * old stinky vans (and old stinky school busses) can still carry more friends than a two-seater sports car
    * God does not see the borders man created (stole this one)
    * sin is the condition of man’s separation from God (stole this one too)
    * women are generally a step or two (or three) a head of men
    * God sees you, me, and the criminal down the street the same – with unconditional love
    * hold tight to grace, it’s the most important gift we’ve ever (or will ever) been given
    * intolerance is a learned behavior
    * a list of rules wrapped in religion is meaningless
    * you need not gather in a church building to praise God
    * love is not a feeling (kinda stole this one)
    * raising children requires us to rethink everything we thought we knew
    * unlearning is far more valuable than learning
    * yes, faith is a choice
    * Jesus was neither a lunatic nor a liar
    * we all get a fresh start everyday
    * all thanks and praise be to God
    * pray constantly
    * loving everyone seems difficult, but it is guaranteed to bring you closer to God than resentment, revenge, or hatred
    * risk-taking is essential to spiritual growth
    * sex is not dirty
    * make it taboo and our children are guaranteed to abuse it
    * fear is necessary to control people
    * worry is a sin (stole this one as well)
    * like Billy Joel, I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints
    * Bob Dylan never wrote a single lyric without God’s help
    * objectification of human bodies will never turn out well
    * relish in the difference, not the similarity
    * if you can read this, your life isn’t that bad
    * the severity of our baggage is relative
    * follow the only sinless person to walk the earth (he knows more than you do)
    * knowledge acquisition is a slippery slope
    * just be grateful
    * make art, not war
    * don’t waste a second (doing “nothing” does not have to be wasteful)
    * we all have the potential to change
    * give more, take less
    * listen more, talk less (struggle with this one personally)
    * hearts can always heal
    * pay attention, God doesn’t take a day off
    * young people may seem awkward, but guaranteed they feel more awkward than they appear
    * yes, life is messy
    * unless we seek God we will wander in confusion forever
    * God knows we will doubt him (everyday)
    * we were all young and dumb once
    * give credit where credit is due
    * listen to music at a loud volume, otherwise you might miss the nuances
    * dancing brings us closer to God
    * humor heals
    * we should surround ourselves with people who love us and challenge us
    * sometimes laughter is the only medicine
    * embrace the struggle
    * travel, culture shock breeds growth
    * smile, just smile
    * high-five, fist-bump, handshake…just do it
    * learn to let go
    * our past doesn’t have to haunt us
    * call your Mother
    * seek peace at all cost
    * let us not forget to forgive
    * sleep is indeed important (no matter how much we might fight it)

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