Journey or Destination?

Journey > Destinationlook, my driving habits have been pretty well-documented here.  it’s no secret that i drive slower than most everybody and i’m pretty unapologetic of my own brilliance…as it relates to saving gas, minimizing wear and tear on my vehicles, managing the risk of breaking the law, and my own general mental, emotional and physical well-being.

but like i said during the bible teaching time this past sunday morning, there is really a deeper and more fundamental truth that is at work inside of me.

i’m not a destination person.  at heart, i’m a journey person.  i enjoy the ride.  i enjoy the process of getting there.  this is mostly true as i drive (though dfw traffic is a beatdown)…but it is way more true of the way i have always lived my life.

and how i’m wired.  completing a task is always negotiable…if it means getting to spend time with someone.  for me, the best tasks always involve a group of people working on it together.   i know myself really well.  i’m never surprised when tasks take longer than they should.  it can almost always be traced back to people getting in the way.  and i love it that way.

how about you?  do you know your self?  are you deeply aware of the way you are wired?  are you acquainted enough with the person you are, that you are comfortable in your own skin?

we need to be people who are constantly growing and developing and maturing in areas where we struggle or fall short of everything god has designed for us to be.  sin needs to be ruthlessly confronted and dealt with.  conforming to the image of christ needs to be a lifelong pursuit.  no doubt.

but there are also parts of our life that are embedded.  personality characteristics that are as unique as our fingerprints.  it comes from our parents and our upbringing and the path we walk…the life that has shaped and molded us into who and what we are.

if that person is a stranger, it’s probably time to get familiar.


2 thoughts on “Journey or Destination?

  1. I’m more of a destination person. I enjoy the journey, don’t get me wrong, but I enjoy the completion even more. Knowing that I reached the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it’s a struggle, sometimes it’s a long haul. Sometimes the ride is so much fun, i dont want it to end. But there is something about reaching the end, the big climatic ending or fulfilling just the purpose the that keeps me going.

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