I’m not happy

arghh1I’m not happy.

I’m really not happy at all.

I haven’t written all week. Writing here is my friend and my trusted ally. This is where I’m forced to be honest and confront my struggles and doubts. It’s where I listen to myself think. It’s my own personal therapy…and you are part of it.

And I just haven’t had the time to write…to process…to think things all the way through…to reach creative closure.

I just don’t have time.

And I’m not happy.

I’m really not happy at all.

Good night.

5 thoughts on “I’m not happy

  1. I’ve missed your words this week. I always enjoy reading your writing. Even the ones that are difficult to read.

  2. The fact that you haven’t had time to write means you have been busy doing other things. You have been serving God in the community just by BEING available. You have been to weddings, you have visited hospitals, you have been a loving grandfather who builds playhouses, and you have been a husband who is always there for his wife. So when you get upset that you didn’t have time to WRITE something down? Look at what you do for so many, and cut yourself some slack.


  3. Sometimes life gets incredibly busy. (most of it is rubble and a small piece in a big puzzle-yet we feel obligated to roll with it!) We are all here though and more than ready to read and learn from your trusted ensight when you have the time. Just by making the comment about being to busy lets us know just the kind of incredibly good person you are. Thank You for your transparency and sharing! No matter what. You are still the PADRE! (Oops. I meant to say Padre Fan)

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