It takes all kinds

it takes all kindsi wrote the other day about a few of the things i like about california.  one of those things is the crowds.  i know…even my friends in california don’t like the crowds.  but i do.

i’ve always loved the crowds.  the diversity.  the motion.  the endless variety.  the noise.  the conversation.  the pace.  the unpredictability.  the interference.  i have never been particularly drawn to isolation and quiet and seclusion.

i like people.  all different kinds.  i like the possibilities.  i like the interaction.  i love the challenge of seeing life from their eyes and becoming a better person for it.  i love that my interaction with people can mean something…both now and later.

i have amazing friends who think i’m nuts.  they don’t get me.  they love the open space.  they crave peace and quiet and the serenity that comes from being alone or with a small group of friends or family.  crowds creep them out and cause their blood pressure to rise and the walls to go up.

they like people.  well…most of them do.  they just like people a little more on their own terms…and in smaller doses.

being a follower of christ is not a one-size-fits-all kind of proposition.  we come in all shapes and sizes.

introverts and extroverts.  loud and quiet.  disciplined and free-range.  sophisticated and simple.  wealthy and poor.  blue collar and white collar.  urban and rural.  old school and new school.  rock and roll…and hip hop.  introspective and fun-loving. sensitive and thick skinned.  thoughtful and thoughtless.  careful and reckless.  generous and frugal.  aware and oblivious.

there is also mature and immature.  and here is where the discussion gets intrusive.

there are a whole lot of characteristics and personality traits that we like to identify as “that’s just the way i am.”   but anything that isn’t consistent with the character and behavior of jesus is simply…wrong.  i realize there is a lot about jesus we don’t know…a lot things that are left up to conjecture or imagination.  but a lot is obvious.

love.  kindness.  grace.  understanding.  unity.  peace.  patience.  joy.  hope.  compassion.  gratitude.  servanthood.  unselfishness.  protection.  generosity.  humility.  slow to speak.  mercy.  pure.  considerate.  submissive.  impartial.  sincere.

all of those are examples of the character and nature of jesus.  all of those characteristics that followers of jesus are commanded to have.

when you don’t have them, you are wallowing on the road of the immature.  when you do have them, you are on the path to maturity.

what are you doing to get on the right path?


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