Welcome to earth

earthtxi’ve lived in texas for nearly eighteen years.  wow.

some days, it feels like yesterday when we loaded up our little boys in the 1982 dodge short-bed 4×4 (the greatest vehicle i ever owned) and headed to the new frontier.  other days, it feels as if we have lived here forever.

no matter how long we live, i don’t think i will ever lose my fascination with texas.  people…culture…history…food…personality …weather…values…all of it!  it is an amazing place with an amazing history.

it was a good trip to the coast.  it was even better to get home.  go figure.

we took a little different route home this time.  we travelled through the high desert of california to lake mojave (where california, nevada and arizona all converge at the colorado river).  next, we drove through the mountains of northern arizona.  flagstaff is one beautiful place!  then along I-40, through the native american indian country of eastern arizona and western new mexico to albuquerque.

when we hit santa rosa, NM, we took a detour down to clovis…to lubbock…to abilene…and then back to lewisville.  it was a great drive through west texas.  lots of country music, farmland, and little towns.    i now have some new “names” to add to my list of favorite texas town names .

here is my new top 11:

  • earth
  • utopia
  • wink
  • whiteface
  • muleshoe
  • happy
  • cut and shoot
  • buda
  • krum
  • poteet
  • pflugerville

even though there are some sweet new ones, nothing has yet to top pflugerville!  i love the sound of it.  i love to say it.  it makes me smile every time the word comes out of my mouth.  i love how it’s spelled.  it makes me wonder who the pflugers were and what they were like before somebody decided their home was worthy of becoming a “ville”.

i bet there are some pretty good town names in california.  i just never paid much attention to those details back then.  i’m sure oklahoma has it’s fair share of goofy names.  arkansas and alabama, too.

anybody want to pass on some good ones?


5 thoughts on “Welcome to earth

  1. OK…you asked for it….in Pennsylvania we have….Intercourse, Paradise, Bird-in-Hand, Virginville, Blue Ball, Pottsville, Mount Joy, Mountville. There is also the tiny town of Arnot. When we see signs for this one someone in the car has to say “Are too”. Or the town of Gap in which my dad would start to yawn rather dramatically causing other people in the car to yawn also.

  2. It is widely known and accepted as fact that Arkansas is the #1 state in “odd” city names (mostly because they were name by Otis on Andy Griffith) For example:
    Pickle’s Gap
    Skunk Hollow (Pronounced Holler)
    Toad Suck
    Blue Ball (Yes, it’s a town)
    Hog Wallow
    I could go on but you get the point … I hope?

  3. Marty wore a Toad Suck t-shirt to men’s Whataburger this morning. Just what I needed…to hear the words “Toad Suck” twice in one day.

  4. Toadsuck, Arkansas is on of my favorites! Gets brought up all over the place any time odd town names are mentioned. I also like Hicksville, NY. Seems odd to have a town named Hicksville right outside of Manhattan!

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