Letters to Holden and Nolan

Letters piclittle men,

i got up this morning thinking about you and the world you are growing up in.  it is a wonderfully scary place.

last night, mimi and i spent the evening with eleven friends.  all of us are very different, but we had a great time telling stories and eating and enjoying all the things that made us different…as well as the things that make it easy for us to be friends.

that’s the way it should be, but it doesn’t always turn out that way.

as you grow up, you’re going to find out how cruel kids (and people, in general) can be to people who are different.  especially to kids who don’t “fit” into their little groups.

kids love to call other kids names like “loser” or “jerk”.  they make fun of kids for being too fat or too skinny or too smart or too dumb.  sometimes kids will act like they are better than other kids, just because they have more money or better clothes or a bigger house.  

there will also be some who call kids names or treat them poorly because of their skin color or where they go to church or because they are from another culture.

i’m not real sure about girls, but i know boys can be super cruel to other boys who are not “tuff” or athletic or strong.  they will call them names and accuse them of being more like little girls.  some boys will even try to push and shove and even hit other boys who are weak or small.   and speaking of girls…

one of the favorite things for boys to do is to act like they are better than girls.  they love to tell jokes about girls and make fun of girls and see them cry.  

and many little boys grow up to be big kids who grow up to be men who never stop acting that way…and that’s one of the things that make this world such a scary place sometimes.

but you guys don’t have to be that way.  you can be different.

the greatest man who ever lived was jesus.   he loved everybody.  especially people who were different…the ones who other people rejected.  he loved the people who had no friends.  he loved the people who got bullied and pushed around.  he loved the people who were forgotten and judged and abused.

he treated people with respect.  he served them and met their needs.  he was friends with everybody.  

i hope he will always be your example.

my prayer for you guys is that you will be friends with everybody…especially the kids who nobody else wants to be friends with.  i pray that you will see lonely kids and hurting kids and kids who are pushed away and rejected…and come along side them.  i pray that you will have the strength to face the rejection and ridicule of the “cool” kids, when you show love and respect to the kids who are different.

i pray that all kids…big and strong and weak and small…will know they can count on the farra boys to be their friends.  i pray the world will be a better place because you two are part of it.

grow wise, grasshoppers.



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