Freedom of no speech

i think this is worth repeating from our teaching time this past sunday morning:

one of the most precious freedoms we enjoy as citizens of the united states is our freedom of speech.   untold lives of honorable men and women died while sacrificing themselves on battlefields since the founding of our great countryestablishing and protecting our right to be able to believe and say pretty much anything we wantwhenever we want.

one man died on the cross to give his followers an infinitely greater freedomthe freedom from sin and self-righteousness.

just because we have the freedom to say whatever we want, doesn’t mean we should use it.  just because soldiers died to protect my right to speak out on whoever and whatever i think is wrong, doesn’t mean i‘m required to exercise that freedom.

jesus died to free me from self to live life in a different way.  christ’s followers are commanded to give honor (respect, value, esteem, worth) to peopleall peoplesimply because they are made in the image of the creator.  we give honor, not because people have earned it or deserve, but because they need it.  we all do.

god’s freedom is vastly superior to anything won on a human battlefield.

so live like it.


3 thoughts on “Freedom of no speech

  1. Hmm. I have a problem with this. If our rights are really inalienable, then no one has ever died to establish them. They are intrinsic, and as such they can only be taken away. One could argue that people have died to allow us to exercise our right to speech in a comfortable setting, but that would be the extent to which wars have aided our lives here. Hurting people with our words is part of being human, as is any other sin. We don’t have to justify what we say by claiming our rights. We say whatever we want regardless of what wars were fought for whatever reason. That’s why the freedom from sin and death through Christ is so profound to me. It is freedom from our humanity, and our animal nature.

  2. Not to be picky but the actual word written in the document is “unalienable.” 🙂

    As for the our right of free speech; Just because one has the right to free speech, it does not mean that it is prudent or without consequence. I always think about this when some celebrity uses the bully pulpit to knock this country and are often surprised when their audience denegrates them for it. They try and hide behind the freedom of speech and are incredulous to the fact that they didn’t not stop to consider the reaction of their audience. The best example of this is the Dixie Chicks. They bashed President Bush at a country music concert apparently oblivious to the fact that their fans are largely conservative politically. It destroyed their career. Free Speech is an amazing gift but it does have consequences.

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