Every day counts

Somedaylife is full of significant age milestones…especially when we are young.

although every kid is different, the passing of childhood is definitely marked by turning 13.  becoming a teenager, though never identified as such by a kid, is the biggest event in a child’s life.  gone are the days of immaturity and childishness.  the march toward world domination is on.

in just a few short years, the next milestone appears…the doorway to adulthood…the definitive statement of independence: turning 16.  getting a driver’s license is the ticket to the future.  it is easily the most anticipated moment in most every kid’s life. 

turning 18 is merely symbolic of graduating from high school.  it’s not the age…it’s the event that carries weight.

however, reaching the vaulted estate of 21…now that’s sacred ground.  turning 16 and getting a driver’s only cons a kid into believing adulthood has been penetrated.  the reality?  the kid is still tethered to parents and school, no matter how fast or how far the delorean time travels back to the future.

21?  now we’re talking.  the child is no longer a kid.  adolescence is gone forever.  doors are no longer locked.  age is no longer a barrier.  you may get carded, but now you’ve got the goods.  that 21 year-old driver’s license is gold.

from that point on, it’s all down hill.  and slipping away fast.

jordan is a 23 year-old, ex-college athlete, newly married young punk friend who just told me this week that he’s getting old and his body is breaking down.  shut up.

my 28 year-old son complains that he needs surgery on his wrist and his knees hurt all the time.   waa.  pretty sure he’s gonna be throwing BP in a couple of weeks, just like always.

milestones  go in 10-year increments now.  turning 30 seems to be a pretty big deal for a lot of young adults.  i can’t even remember turning 30.  that was 1984, for crying out loud.  george orwell had nothing on me.

40?  no sweat.  the big 5-0?  i finally felt like i was growing up.

i officially have 314 days left in my 50’s…and these are the 314 most important days of my life (assuming i get all 314 of them).

what will i do with them?  i have the opportunity to make more of a difference in the world than i ever dreamed.  it’s possible the choices i make could have eternal significance  for people i intersect with.

tonight, that really blows my mind.

how many days do you have left in your 20’s?  what will you do with them?

what about you in your 30’s…or 40’s…or 50’s…or 60’s?  life is fragile and unpredictable.  our days are numbered.  our story could be abbreviated in our 30’s just as easily as it could be in our 60’s.  so make your moments count.

don’t wait to make things right with loved ones.  don’t wait to develop depth in your friendships.  don’t wait to get your act together with god.  don’t wait to deal with your messes.  don’t wait to live out your faith with boldness in front of your kids.

every day counts.


One thought on “Every day counts

  1. I have figured this whole thing out … at 13 your child gets abducted by aliens and replaced with an EXACT duplicate only with added attitude :-/

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