Are you ready?

baseballsit’s no secret.  i’m a baseball guy.

but this season’s a beat down.  not only have my beloved padres fallen flat and out of the race long before labor day…but i’m having to watch the los angeles dollars live up to their own hype.  this is misery.

my misery is soothed, though, by the confidence being shown by all my texas ranger fan friends and their resurgent support of the home team.  it’s nice to know that even if the dollars make it to the series, it will be a mere formality.  the rangers have it in the bag.  right, homies?  tell me the beer-leaguers have got the pennant sown up.  i need this to be true.

now, with the death of baseball season, i can make an early emotional entrance to the next season.  are you ready for some football?

i love this time of year.   the chargers are tied for first place in the division.  the aztecs are undefeated.  i finally have a team in the big-12-but-we-only-have-10 conference i like to root for.  go horned frogs.  i still hate the bcs.  i’m already pulling for a boise state vs. western kentucky championship game.

i also can’t stand the SEC.  arrogant bullies.  all of them.  i sorta used to kinda liked TAMU, but moving to the SEC sealed their fate in my mind.  too bad.  i’ve always been fond of the color maroon.

and i’ve never liked the biggest bully of the them all, alabama.   i pull for them to lose against anybody they play.  they simply win too much.  and enjoy it too much.   but something changed in me today.  this is quite possibly the greatest fan t-shirt of all time.  it’s greatness wiped away my bad feelings toward the school.  i want this shirt.   bullies rule.

but why is there something strangely attractive about kicking people when they’re down and reveling in the misfortune of others…while you hoist the crystal football yet another time?  does anybody really believe the other 124 FBS schools are playing for anything other than second place?  this shirt has changed everything.


…and make sure you go to the blog site to see the picture, if you can’t view in the email.  it will be worth it.


4 thoughts on “Are you ready?

  1. Hate SEC? Really? A lot better than that 6 man football conference known as the “Past 10” AKA Pac 10.
    I do however agree with the Alabama hatred. I’m all in on that one. If Alabama played The Iran Firecrackers … I “might” pull for Alabama but it would be with mixed feelings.

  2. I HATE THE CRIMSON TIDE!!!!!!!!…War Eagle…My two favorite college teams are Auburn and Alabama’s opponent…regardless of who Alabame is playing…

    BTW…the Rangers will never win a world series because Washington cannot coach the NL game…

  3. Seriously!!!! You need to ride down for a game with me in sunny College Station. I’ll get you on board. I can see you Whooping already.

  4. I loved A&M. Love the 12th Man. Loved the bonfire. Now that they have join SEC – I will mock them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    @Marshall – Pac 10/12? conference of champions baby! more ncaa championships than any other conference.

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