I pledge allegiance

hand-over-hearti’ve told you before that i generally stay away from making political commentary.

don’t miss the point.  THIS IS NOT POLITICAL COMMENTARY.

this is not new.  it’s gone on for years, but it’s definitely coming through loud and clear these days.  i’ve been reading some pretty scathing commentary by people (mostly people claiming to be good, church-going, american christians), saying:

  • if you don’t abide by our laws…
  • if you don’t learn to speak our language…
  • if you don’t honor our customs and traditions above the ones where you came from…
  • if you don’t uphold the things our forefathers fought and died for…
  • if you don’t pledge your allegiance to our flag and everything our great nation was built on…
  • if you are not fully committed to the ideologies we hold dear…

…then you should lose your half-ass citizenship (which is probably questionable at best), get the hell out of here and go back where you came from.  (their words, not mine.)

here’s the point.

i wonder why christians are not saying the same things about our own…those who claim citizenship in the kingdom of god, but don’t act like it…

  • those who rewrite god’s laws to suit the way they want to live…
  • those whose speech is full of anger, judgment and impatience, rather than the message of the kingdom…
  • those whose lifestyle reflects more of their past than the new life jesus died to give them…
  • those who live a life of compromised dual-citizenship…
  • those who want the benefits of the kingdom without sharing fully in the responsibilities…

i am grateful i don’t live under the oppressive weight of laws and rules and empty traditions.  i am equally grateful that people have never tried to kick me out of the kingdom (or even my church) during those days when my commitment to the kingdom was questionable and my speech and actions were far from the example of jesus.

i understand my behavior constantly gravitates back to my old nature (the place where i used to hold citizenship).  i also know that i have been adopted into a new land…a new family…a new place to call my home that is unnatural and sometimes completely foreign to me.

i am grateful we live under grace and not judgment.

but as american christians, i kinda wish were known more for our kingdom zeal than our passionate nationalism.


3 thoughts on “I pledge allegiance

  1. Great post Mike!

    Why aren’t Christians known for our kingdom zeal?

    Most Christians don’t point fingers and tell people to shape up or ship out because it opens them up to scrutiny.
    They don’t want to be in the same hotseat as the person they are pointing their finger at.

    Also, people just like to have something to complain about….

  2. Fear. Fear controls, divides, fuels ignorance, and clouds vision. Racism, sexism, ageism, and all other oppression begins with fear. If I am focused on my life as a follower of Christ, when do I have time to criticize, belittle, boast, or oppress?
    In America, at least the portion of the population that claims a faith in Jesus, God’s son and rescuer of the world, there exists a delusional understanding of life-purpose predicated on diehard national pride, patriotism, and assurance of birthright and entitlement. I was born here, so therefore I am America AND I get to decide who benefits from it’s rich resources and privileges. We seem to forget that God sees no border between our country and all others. We also conveniently forget that Jesus lead with radical non-violence, everlasting peace, and unconditional love. Inflammatory words and exclusionary practices should be suppressed not honored and encouraged.

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