Rescue Mei’ve spent the better part of forty years helping people.

i’m no hero.  i’m just doing what god has gifted me to do.  it’s really that simple.

and as i sit here tonight thinking about it, i’m feeling incredibly humbled and grateful that people make financial sacrifices out of their weekly budget to make it possible for me to do the thing i love to do.   amazing.

in all these years of people-helping, here’s one thing i’ve learned:  we never know the whole story of why people are the way they are.

we can listen.  we can ask questions.  we can speculate.  we can try to interpret their behavior.   but it’s never the whole story.

everybody makes the decision to disclose a certain amount.  some people are open books.  some are in complete denial of who and what they are.  everybody else falls somewhere in-between.

but nobody discloses everything.

all of our stories are complicated.  people are products of their past.  family dynamics from childhood leave permanent marks on everything…self-image, confidence, fears, communication skills, beliefs, values, problem-solving, ethics.  life stories are full of successes and failures that influence how we act and respond.

and everybody has secrets.

when i try to help people, it would be great to know the whole story.  but i have to be content with what they give…and do my best with it.

when i know more of the story of why people act the way they do, it’s always easier to be patient…to withhold judgment… show love and mercy… and treat them as i would want to be treated.  i know that’s true for most of you, also.

so here’s an idea.  why not just go ahead and treat people with love and grace and mercy and patience anyway…without knowing their story?  you don’t tell all of yours…and you expect people to treat you graciously.   why do you need additional information before you withhold judgment of others?

maybe if we showed more love first, people might be more willing to trust us with more of their stories.


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