The inhumanity…

FBall penaltyi just read this morning that one of the hometown’s favorite sports hero’s just got fined $7,875 for a “throat slash” gesture while he was celebrating a touchdown.  he received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty during the game.

here are my knee jerk observations:

i think its ridiculous how much the NFL tries to control the behavior of the players.

NFL football is NOT the moral compass of our country.  its entertainment.  nothing more.

i’m tired of the moralists who expect professional athletes to be role models for america’s youth.  do we expect tommy lee jones to be a role model?  no.  he’s an entertainer.  do we expect eddie van halen to be a role model?  no.  he’s an entertainer.  do we expect rush limbaugh to be a role model?  no.  he’s an entertainer.  why do we expect more from pro athletes?  sheesh.

i’ve always been a charles barkley fan.  never more than when we stated on national tv,  “i’m no role model.  stop expecting me to be one just because i’m a pro athlete.  being a role model is a parent’s job.”  

it’s also a parent’s job to point their kids in the direction of people who are good role models.   good role models are in every walk of life…every occupation…every age…every personality.  some are even pro football players.

good role models are just people.  fallible.  imperfect.  we need to be really careful…especially with our children…to balance moral expectations with reality, when it comes to trusting humans.

do we really believe this player is a threat to slash somebody’s throat?  really?

speaking of celebrations, why do athletes always point to the sky after they do something good?  is it a “god thing”…or are they just acknowledging dead uncle hector who, apparently, has front row tickets?  (ok, i’m a little chippy this morning, for some reason)

if the NFL (no fun league) is really in the business of penalizing their football family for putting the reputation of their great game at risk, why aren’t they fining players for playing bad?  or coaching bad?  or owning bad?

why do entertainers get paid so much?

why do we pay so much to be entertained?

i’m guessing the $7,875 fine levied against our local sports hero produces nothing more than some good-natured ribbing in the locker room this afternoon.

if you’re really concerned about making a statement and cleaning up the league, make him sit out a game and fine him the equivalent of how much he gets paid “per game”.  that would be approximately $84,000…for anybody that’s counting.  i think that might make him (and others) sit up and pay attention…if that’s the statement the NFL wants to make.

if i was forced to give up that amount of money, i would probably cry.

there.  i feel better.


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