The greatness of a taco

imageAre you having trouble with another person?  Do you question their motives?  Have they said something you don’t understand?  Have their words cut in and done some damage?

Do you wonder where you stand with a person you thought was a friend?  Do they do something that annoys you?  Are you walking on eggshells?  Is trust broken or completely absent in your friendship?

Is there a wall?  Is there a break in unity?  Is there hollowness, fear, intimidation, sadness, hurt or callousness…where there should be peace, comradery, teamwork, loyalty and fun?

If you care enough to want things to be better, I have a plan.

Go eat a taco together.

Yup.  Call the person up and invite them to share a plate of tacos with you.  Amazing things can happen when you break tortillas together…with some fire-roasted salsa and a side of guacamole.

Guards can come down.  Listening can happen.  Fears can be dispelled.  Questions can be asked and answered.  Trust can be built.

Is it a fool-proof plan?  No way.  Some might come just for the taco.  Some might not come at all.  But at least you would have done what Jesus would have done.

He would have definitely had a taco and cleared the air.

Jesus understands the greatness of a taco.

7 thoughts on “The greatness of a taco

  1. Jeff and I were in SD for a conference last week and had fish tacos at Rubios in honor of you and Wanda. Cheapest meal of the week and also about the best! Jesus definitely would have been all over the fish tacos. Definitely!

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