A late Marriage Tuesday

marriage 2Check out this story from last night that appeared in Deadspin:

“A Bears-fan husband and his Packers-fan wife placed a bet regarding last night’s Monday Night Football game involving stakes far greater than money: the winner got to use a taser on the loser.

 After the Bears pulled out the closely fought battle, however, and John Grant claimed his prize of sending a few thousand volts through his beloved, his wife called the police.  According to the Beaver Dam (Wisc.) Daily Citizen, police responded to a local bowling alley (because where else would someone taser their spouse for fun) and arrested the man.

Police did confirm that the woman consented to the bet, but the husband was still arrested and could face up to six years in prison for use of an electric weapon. At least the Bears won, right?”

Now there are some marriage lessons to be learned from this show of true love…

First…just because something seems like a good idea at the time doesn’t mean it really is.  Let’s be honest.  People have done a lot of stupid things in the name of love.  

Second…there’s really no place for competition in a marriage.   One…or both…of you may be competitors.  You may love the game.  But ultimately, whenever there is competition, there is a loser.  Okay for football.  Not okay for marriage.

Third…if it involves the intentional inflicting of physical pain on the other person, it should probably be avoided.  Don’t be a moron.

Fourth…don’t do anything that gets the police called.  It may just be an unintended consequence, but third parties are never a good thing in a marriage.

Fifth…choose your team loyalties wisely.  Being fans of the same team is definitely the preferred option…especially if you are a competitive moron.


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