The ghetto of being right

soap boxThe world is full of people who are right.

People who know better than others.  People who are experts in those critical areas of life that others of us are merely pedestrians with ill-informed opinions.

The willingness of people to stand boldly and proclaim their insights are superior to others  is amazing to me. Simply because theirs are different from mine.  About the economy.  About social justice.  About creation.  About the sovereignty of God.  About church metrics.  About the BCS.  About racism.  About marriage.  About public education.  About parenting.  About dog ownership.  About the end of the world.  Whatever…

Look…I’m an opinionated guy.  I have beliefs about politics and social issues and sports and music and theology and relationships and money.  In fact, I feel pretty strongly about a lot of things.  We all should.

As a Bible guy, most all of my important opinions are informed and influenced by my understanding and commitment to the revealed word of God.  It’s the way I roll.  And no Bible teacher should ever express his or her interpretations of the holy book without adequate study and deep conviction.

But the reality is our world is full of people who claim to be committed to the study and the authority of the Bible…yet they come to opposite…and sometimes deeply conflicting…conclusions, as a result.  About politics.  About social issues.  About theology.  About relationships.  About all of it.

It’s beyond amusing to me that people look to their pastors and Bible teachers to speak with absolute authority, as the anointed, gifted, called and most revered mouthpieces of God.  Yet we all disagree with each other.  No wonder people are conflicted about this Jesus we claim to know.  Sheesh.

I will continue to invest myself and my time wisely in the pursuit of truth.  You should do the same.  You have a brain and the same book I do.  To fail to do so is simply lazy and an affront to the good gifts that God gives to all of us.

I will keep working to have every opinion and every insight flow from a world view that is shaped by the life and words of Jesus.  You should do the same.

I will pray for wisdom daily.  I will wrestle with God and not give up the intellectual or moral fight.  I will listen carefully to those that are smarter than I am and be careful to vet my sources of information, as best I can.  You should definitely do the same.

And I will be grateful that Christ has liberated me from the need to be right all the time…and that he continues to patiently set me free from the ghetto of intellectual and spiritual superiority.

And because of that freedom, I am now growing more and more capable of loving people the way Jesus loves me.  Wow.

I hope that’s the same for you.


2 thoughts on “The ghetto of being right

  1. Do you think your comments put a dent in someone who lives to be right? It blew right over their head.
    People who are always right, will at the very least, use the excuse “well that’s who I am! so suck it”.

    1. I’m guessing that pretty much anybody who disagrees with what I write usually blows it off. I would like to think they wait a few seconds and ponder it, but I doubt it. Being right all the time doesn’t leave a lot of room for pondering with what one disagrees with.

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