Such a strange feeling

IcemageddonI gotta say…I’m feeling kinda weird right now.

Normally, at 8:00 on a Saturday evening, I‘m  settling in to put the finishing touches on my weekly theological discourse. I’ve never really been one of those rabbi’s that gets the sermon done by Thursday afternoon, so they can practice it in front of a mirror multiple times on Friday and Saturday.  Not my thing.

Tonight, everything is different.  Late this afternoon we made the decision to cancel our church services for tomorrow morning because of the ice on the road and the unsafe driving conditions in the whole Metroplex, especially in Denton county.  Pretty sure our yankee neighbors to the north will laugh shamelessly at us, but no matter.  It’s a prudent decision.  (Today’s pic is from my front porch).

Although it may have happened at some point in my distant past, I can’t remember a time I was ever part of cancelling a Sunday morning service.  Ever.

Maybe that’s why it feels so awkward.

My awkwardness is certainly not because of an unhealthy, unbiblical requirement to be in a church building on a Sunday morning.  I can remember back to the early 1980’s when I was forbidden by the church leaders to do youth retreats that caused us to be gone from the church building on Sundays.  What?  No lie.

Needless to say, I bucked that decision.  And won.  And the system has continued to be bucked for the past 34 years.

I’m truly grateful to have learned that being a follower of Christ is so much more than coming to church…so much more than empty ritual…so much more than religious obligation.  And so much more than the Sunday Big Show.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss being with my family tomorrow.  A lot.

So I will focus on the benefits of the decision:

  • No one will run the risk of a travel accident tomorrow morning.  This is no small thing.
  • I have an additional week to work on next week’s sermon on Reconciliation.  So important.
  • All North Pointers get an unexpected free pass tomorrow.  I expect a full house next Sunday.  I mean it.
  • Can’t wait to see the jumbo-sized offering next week.  Think about it…
  • I get to stay up and watch the Mountain West Conference championship game starting at 9:00 tonight.  Guilt free and no pressure.  Sweet.
  • I promise you I won’t be watching church television in the morning.  I haven’t watched The NFL Today in years.  You can pray for my soul.
  • I will revel in the awareness that we live and breathe by grace and not by fear or guilt…and that Jesus came to give us more life than we could ever imagine.

Here are two things you can do.  You have no reason not to do the first.  The second is for the crazy few…

First, if you are a North Pointer, why not consider joining me at 11:15 to read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)?  It should take the average reader less than twenty minutes to complete.  That’s less time than my weekly sermon!  Maybe you could even do it as a family.  Let the words sink in…let it be Jesus’ personal message to North Point for tomorrow.  I guarantee it will be better and more profound than anything I would say.

The other is if you are battling cabin fever and craving a little church tomorrow afternoon, you can find Mike and Wanda at Fuzzy’s on Main Street eating some fish tacos and watching the Chargers-Giants game around 3:00. tacos, football, and church…and freezing temps!

I’m thinking this could be a great Sunday, after all.

Still a little weird, tho.


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