Creature of habit

A miracle is occuring.

I am becoming a creature of habit.  The wild, untamed beast that lived inside of me has been reduced to a caged kitten, mastered by aschedule.


Up at 6:15 , though awake much earlierI’m sleeping on this micro-fiber thing that looks like a mattress, but is clearly some substance made of concrete.  I am staying in an upstairs room in the staff housing apartments.  The room is like a motel room, complete with a bathroom/shower, a little kitchen table with a toaster and hot water pot, and a small refrigerator.  Sweet.

Take a shower (more on that later).

Make my breakfast.  Toast with PB&J and hot tea.  I have to unplug the refrigerator to use the toaster and heat my water.  I forgot to plug my refrigerator back in the other day.  That will not happen again.  I promise.

Answer email.  Get ready for class.

Walk fifty yards across campus to my first class at 8:30.  Already completely sticky from heat and humidity.  You gotta love winter in Chennai.

Teach a four-hour class on Effective Church Ministry.  Sure glad nobody’s coming from Chennai to Lewisville any time soon…

Lunch with a Lakeview staff or faculty from 12:30-1:30 in the bottom floor of my apartment.  Spicy rice.  Spicy noodles.  Spicy chicken.  A few other delicacies.  Usually spicy.  It’s good I like spicy.

Teach a three-hour class on Effective Bible Teaching.  I’ve already talked to the Dean and the Principle (Peter) about the overuse of the word “effective”…

Back to my humble digs for my much-anticipated afternoon shower.  Take a one-hour nap.  Wake up and begin studying and preparing for seven hours of teaching the next day.

Usually around 7:30-8:00, someone will come to get me for dinner with a group of faculty, staff and/or students.  Spicy rice.  Spicy noodles.  Spicy chicken.  Sometimes spicy beef or pork.  A few other delicacies.  Usually spicy.  Did I already say I like spicy?

We will eat and talk together for 2-3 hours and then I will walk back to mi casa.

I will take another showerstudy for an hour or so…do a little emailand then hit the rock.   Six hours later, the routine begins again.

Yes, the creature is being tamed.

As you can tell, my shower has quickly become my best friend.  It is without-a-doubt the finest bucket shower I have ever had the privilege of dragging my sorry body into.  Tile.  A slow-moving drainthat still moves.  An individual mini-water heater.  A moveable shower nozzle for the cold water.  A big green bucket with a matching green cup for scooping.

It was an unanticipated slice of heaven.

Oh.  It’s time for a shower.  Until next time…



One thought on “Creature of habit

  1. Whattaburger in Lewisville missed you dearly! You were asked about more than a rockstar … we gave the usual answer … “He went riding around with Justin Bieber”.
    P.S. Come back soon … the USA needs you!

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