One more thing…

ThinkingI got up this morning and read what I wrote last night.   Yeah, I can be critical.

But that’s not the whole story.

My criticism is pretty self-containedand it’s full of hope.  I really believe if people who claim to be followers of Christ would choose to act like him, as best they can, amazing things could happen.  First, for the person taking the action and second, for anyone they come in contact with.

It’s really a pretty ridiculous plan:

Think before you act.  Think before you talk.  Think before you respond.  Think before you spend.  Think before you go.  Think… “To the best of my knowledge, would this be something that Jesus would say or do?”   And then do it, or not do it, accordingly.  That’s it. 

I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t change nations.  I can’t change governments.  I can’t change the economy.  I can’t change the moral tide.  I can’t change the inevitability of war, the way people view marriage, or poverty around the globe.

But my daily decision to walk in the footsteps of Jesus could make a difference in the life of another.    My decision to willfully submit myself to the rule, the authority and the wisdom of Jesus is the leastand the mostand the bestI can offer.

I can be responsible for me.  And if you would be responsible for you, we can join together and our part of the world will be better.

It is amazing what God can do with an offering of a little.


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