The learning curve

Curved arrowI am now three-quarters of the way through my fifty-ninth yearjust a slip-n-slide dive away from going head first into sixty.

I feel like my heart and mind are in sensory overload.   If you were to crack open my skull, you would see that my learning curve is pretty intense these days.  Who would have thought that my life lessons would be continuing so dramatically into my senior citizen discount era?

Back when I was just twenty or so, I heard a guy speak who was well into his seventies.  He was so aliveso fresh.  He wasn’t intimidated by youth culture and the change they championed.  He had a quiet confidence about what he believed, but graciously made room for those who thought and acted differently.

He boldly stated he didn’t have all the answers, but I looked at him as one of the wisest men I had ever met.  Funny how that goes.

I remember thinking how amazing it was to be that old in body, but that young in mind and heart.

He never knew it, but I wanted to be like him.

I still do.


3 thoughts on “The learning curve

  1. I think Randy Stonehill has updated his song to turning 60… haha! Seriously though… your willingness to be a lifelong learner and follower of Jesus is inspirational to this younger (note: not young) guy. Thanks for learning and sharing.

  2. Where do the years go. I will be 69 this year and I still think I’m 16. Still love those teens and I’m glad that you do too. I need to get back into that ministry.

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