I wish

I WishNo reason to get your undies in a bunch.

If this post doesn’t apply to you, you know it.  Just check it out and then think of somebody that does need to read it and pass it on to them. You never know what might make a difference.

Everyday, I see parents who need help with their parenting.  They don’t see the damage they are doing to their kidshow they are undermining their confidence or shielding them from the consequences of their decisions.  They don’t recognize that what they are doing is enabling them and setting them up for failure later in life.

They are not showing them how to live by faithbut they are showing them how to live by sight.  The desire to see their kids grow up and be emotionally happy and financially successful far outweighs their ability, or even their willingness, to grow kids of spiritual depth.

I wish they could see what I see.

Everyday, I see couples who are struggling in their marriages.  Oh, on the surface they appear to be fine, but they aren’t.  They have settled for co-existence.   They sleep in the same beds, but they don’t share hearts.  Many of them are dreading the day their children to grow up and move outnot because they love their children that muchbut because they are afraid there might be nothing to hold their relationship together after that day arrives.

They carry around unresolved bitterness.  They have bought the idea that if you ignore the problem, it will eventually go away.  Talking is reserved for making decisions, not for building friendship.  There may be sexual faithfulness, but they have found countless other ways to cheat.

I wish they could see what I see.

Everyday, I see people who’ve substituted “going to church” for following Jesuspeople who’ve made the pursuit of personal happiness and contentment the goal.  I see people who trust their gut and follow their heart, rather than knowing and trusting the Word.

I see people whose first thought is justice, fairness, and self-preservationeven though the King calls his followers to act with compassion, mercy and self-sacrifice.  I see people who are motivated by the fear of the wrath of God, instead of being captivated by his love and grace.

I wish they could see what I see.

And I wish they would ask for help.

When Wanda and I were youngyoung marriedyoung parentsyoung discipleswe wore out the path to others for advice.  We read books.  We went to conferences and retreats.  We sought the counsel of older, wiser mentors.   We would have never acted like we knew it all or had our acts together.  

It was painfully obvious we didn’t.  And it would have been pointless to hide it.

I’m glad we grew up when we didaround the people we didgetting the loving input we did.  But times have definitely changed.   Seeking the wisdom and help of others is no longer the great treasure it used to be.

I wish you could see what I see.


4 thoughts on “I wish

  1. Reblogged this on joepuentesblog.COM and commented:
    I wanted to share this blog post by my friend Mike. Not only did I need to read this, but maybe some of you need too as well. I hope you will be challenged and blessed by Mike’s words like I have.

    What a great reminder of voices and consequences, and of things that really matter.

  2. Hey brother,
    coming out of a long winter, drinking in the longer days, and excited for baseball.
    Good thoughts, thank you

    1. I really can’t imagine winter in Alaska, man. Coming out of hibernation must be awesome. Baseball is good. Thanks for the word. Hope to see you again in the fall.

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